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Shamanic Healing

One of the most powerful ways to connect us to our deeper, inner selves and with the natural elements of our existence. The solution always lies within for the shamanic self.

Why A Shamanic Healing? 

The shaman knows time and space are an illusion. Anything that manifests in the physical has an energetic component in the unseen space.  Everything can be influenced and healed in the other realms. Tuning into the shamanic self is moving closer to one's heart, one's soul and one's creation powers. This is what it means to be one with oneself and in harmony with nature. 

A Shamanic Healing can be very intensive. It originates from the medicinal tribes found in many nations and it carries a lot of wisdom towards body, mind, spirit and heart. Its emphasis is healing with nature and oneness. 

I do higher level and advanced Shamanic Healing. A lot of my methods are self-taught and you won't find them in other, traditional Shamanic Healings. In my practice, I work with visualization, sound healing tools, crystals, life force energy, my intuition and psychic insight. My Shamanic drums, rattles, singing bowls, tuning forks and other tools are some of the most valuable tools when it comes to cleaning up the auric field and debris. 

A Shamanic healing session starts at 2 hours and goes up to 3 hours long. I also offer a 90-minute intro session for a "quicker" healing experience, although time turns into an illusion once you enter in the space of healing and betterment. It will include some (but not all) of the elements the regular sessions include. This can be a great way to try out my sessions first or go over one or two major focus points during it.

The 3-hour healings include a DNA-healing and provides a good starting point if you want the ultimate "clean-up" of your body, mind and soul. Please find details on the DNA-Healing page.

The shorter healing sessions have the option to add an additional hour of DNA-healing at a later time, too. It makes more sense to book a 3-hour session if you were planning on doing the DNA-healing due to vaccine, environmental, EMF or other damages done to the cell bodies. 

Benefits of a Shamanic Healing may include: 

  • Lifting of depression

  • Improved sense of self-worth

  • Experiencing more clarity and focus in one's life and finding direction 

  • Feeling more empowered to create the life one desires and manifest flow and abundance

  • Energetically easing physical ailments through visualization techniques and more

  • Healing soul trauma experienced in this lifetime and also previous past lives still affecting the now

  • Healing DNA, energetic and soul damage due to the most recent Con-vid vaccines

  • Retrieving stolen or lost soul pieces or souls from alternate realities and putting them back with the client for self-empowerment and wholeness

  • Diminishing energetic poisoning of radiation or chemotherapy, which it has on the physical and energetic body

Please note: This is NOT a Zoom session. The healing is done entirely remotely. Very detailed notes are sent after the session and clarify what exactly happened during the healing. You can also be asleep or meditate during this healing, for people who are in different time zones. This is a remote session and you do not have to be awake during it. 

During a session...

I start off by tuning into the client's energy field and then work my way through the different energy body parts. Some areas in the body seem to be more targeted than others, so I focus on which one appears to need the most healing. I then continue with the removals of cords, AI implants, shields and any other intrusions I can find. I move on with either a soul retrieval and soul rescue. Sometimes the client's energy and soul is being held in a matrix confinement, such as a lab setting or other areas. This often occurs when they have been abducted by "aliens" or rather interdimensional entities, grays and else. It happens more frequently than thought, especially for the people who have reached out to me.


My prerogative is to restore the missing soul parts to their original container and to also release any trauma that comes up during the session. Trauma or unhealed wounds could have occurred in this lifetime but also any other past (parallel) lives the client has experienced.

Sometimes heart shields or heart walls are present. If they come up, I always try to remove them or diminish them.


In my healings, I use traditional Shamanic techniques, such as visualization, intrusion removal, time traveling, shifting the energy of past events, cord removals and using the healing power of the elements (feathers, rocks, flowers, stones etc.). Roses can be THE most powerful tool and I usually have one on hand for these type of sessions. I also do crystal  healing with a multitude of high-quality crystals and work with medicine decks for additional messages.

I remove AI implants, either implanted by alien technology, coming from interdimensional beings or implanted by the AI tech and EMF pollution as a result of our direct environment. Sometimes due to medication, trauma or else, the auric field can become quite rattled. 

I recalibrate the auric field through the means of sound and traditional Shamanic tools, such as drums and rattles (very powerful!). 

More information on the most recent energetic effects of the Con-vid vaccines on the body, mind and soul and my sessions insights can be found here.


I do not judge. I simply observe and heal what's coming to surface and what spirit shows me during the session. 

Book A Shamanic Healing


$222.22 for 90 mins,

$266.66 for 2 hours, 

$299.99 for 2.5 hours,

$333.33 for 3 hours,

$144.44 for DNA healing

Explore Shamanic Healings: 

Want a package deal?

Add on my signature course "Be Your Own Shaman" at a reduced price when booking a 3-hour or 2.5-hour long healing session. All information below.

Mariana, UK

"I was blown away by our session - it was just like being in person in your office!  Although I anticipated that would be beneficial it far exceeded my expectations. I could feel the healing very intensely and the results were immediate.  This is definitely one of the best decision in my life and know that very soon I am going to start living my life as to how I want,  without all the burdens controlling me."

Interested in a pet healing?

Do you have a furry friend? Find all details on my pet healing page! 

Recommended Course:

Be Your Own Shaman! 

Learn all about Shamanic Healing, soul retrievals, cord and intrusion removals and how to do it on yourself and also others. My course teaches just that! 

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About Laura

Laura from Shamanic Self is a Shamanic Healer, Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic Medium. Since 2017 she has been working with clients, giving potent Shamanic Healing sessions and intuitive psychic mediumship readings.

After being certified as a Shamanic Healer & Practitioner by a NYC institute, she has had the chance to gain as much hands-on experience in this practice as possible. While most of her sessions are remote, you will find her occasionally doing in-person sessions in the NYC area or at events. 

Her focus not only lies on helping others through sessions, but she also teaches. She helps people find their way back to themselves, their inner light and innate divinity. Learn more about Laura here: 

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