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Starseed Origins Reading

We come from Source and at the end of our lives our bodies dissolve into stardust. We always carry our cosmic knowledge and ancestry within us. 

What Is A Starseed Reading? 

A Starseed Origins Reading can be a pretty empowering experience to have. Not only does it highlight past lives in other realms, which are now coming up and influencing your current life. But it also gives you guidance and direction for the time ahead by integrating important aspects. 

 I provide psychic insight and answer any question you might have in regards to your Starseed Origins, cosmic lineages and past lifetimes on other star systems and planets. In addition to how it might tie into your DNA and current life path and journey. This written reading tends to be more elaborate. Other information about possible lifetimes in Ancient Civilizations, which are all related to this, might also come through. You get a bit of insight about your Askashic Records and other past lives in this sense, as well.

All my insight is purely intuitive (not channeled!) and it provides valuable information on known Starseed Origins. Sometimes Starseed Origins of unknown information also come through. Those are almost the most fun to interpret, as they provide a plethora of new information and insight. 


Answers will be provided in 5-7 days. Usually 2 DIN-A4 or more pages worth of information comes through and I write them up diligently in my notes. You also receive a printable pdf-sheet, which you can then frame and hang over your desk or keep for your records

Book A Starseed Origins Reading 



includes a printable PDF to frame.

Starseed Origins Reading: 

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