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Company mission and statement. Get to know more about Shamanic Self. 



Welcome to my page! If you're still wondering who I am, please read my full story in my about section. This page is dedicated towards people who have been misled over and over again by different programs, such as the false hope provided by the New Age Trap, Religion and other cult-like groups or mentalities.

My approach has always been a purely intuitive one. I am a Shamanic Healer and Intuitive Psychic. I do not "channel," I do not work with spirit guides (or rather "spirit misguides"), and I do not call upon the Angels, Ascended Masters, Archons and all the other false light beings the New Age tries to sell you as "normal" and important. All of which ultimately take you further and further way from your own self and inner knowledge and oftentimes lead you so astray that your soul pieces are scattered all over the astral plane.


Instead, I work with my inner knowing, my gut feeling, and insight I receive through means of my intuition and sometimes the traditional Tarot cards (which can be very useful when clarifying a yes or no question and to determine additional information).


What I Do

Shamanic Self is all about connecting you back to your soul and true essence. To ignite that spark within and to clean you up energetically to create the life that you’ve always desired and truly deserve to live. I offer psychic readings and powerful Shamanic Healing sessions with DNA healings,  and also courses for those who want to utilize their own intuition and build it out.


Founded in 2017, my work has advanced from a crystal healing and beginner Reiki shop to what it is now – an expansive Shamanic Healing business with advanced psychic insight on the soul origins and more. The lessons I’ve learned along the way are that the growth never seems to stop – be it in our lives or mindsets. We might think we have “arrived” somewhere in life only to be shown a few years later that we truly only had a stop on this journey we call the “now.”


My Healings...

... include traditional Shamanic techniques, such as intrusion and implant removals, soul recalls and soul retrievals but expand way beyond that. I go deeper and try to clean up the debris, wounds and soul trauma that have accumulated from early childhood on in this life and which the client might also be carrying with them from other lifetimes. Many of us have been polluted and affected by the current environmental circumstances, Con-vid vaccines, EMF radiation, AI attacks, interdimensional psychic attacks, ET abductions and more. To see what I am able to see can be a great gift to help others in clearing themselves from the negative attachments, cords and implants that they carry and to put them on the path on which they can have the best possible impact in their lives and the life of others.

I also find great joy in teaching others on how to do these various things. I therefore offer my own courses and workshops on how to be your own Shamanic Healer, reconnect with your soul essence, communicate with your intuition, read the cards (tarot and oracle) and use divination to your advantage.

In addition, I have some powerful drumming music and meditations out there.


For the ones who don't want or desire the full-on sessions yet, I also provide smaller readings, such as written answers to your most pressing questions, tarot card readings of different times (15 and 30 minutes long) and else. 

This space has always been about healing and self-empowerment. I look forward to keeping it that way. Reach out if you have any questions in regards to the above. My most recent insight on public matters, topics and more can be viewed on my main Youtube channel. Over there, I dissect the matrix program, how we were tricked to come here, how the new age can destroy lives and so much more.  

I am also on Bitchute, Odysee and other platforms (full list here). 

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