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Psychic Readings

Sometimes asking for help and advice is perfectly fine. Getting intuitive insight in regards to life-changing or important matters and another opinion on things could help in making that final decision or moving forward in life. 

Why A Psychic Reading? 

Are you wondering about your life path ahead or are you having troubles making that final decision in which direction to move career-wise? Are you curious about love and soul partners? What about relevant past lives and how this is playing out in your life now? 

An intuitive psychic reading focuses on any questions you may have in regards to: Life, career, finances, soul partners and love, soul path, karma, karmic relationships and ties to others,  relevant past lives, higher soul guidance, messages from passed loved ones, energetic imbalances in the body or anything else of importance. 

These sessions are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours long. The longer sessions can answer a higher volume of questions and provide self-empowerment techniques and coaching. The shorter sessions are great to get a taste for what's ahead and to answer some of your most urgent questions at the time. 

All readings and longer coaching sessions are done online via Zoom, unless specified otherwise. 

***Disclaimer: Any medical intuitive advice won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional or expert in that field.***

Book Your Psychic Reading


$145 for 30 mins,

$190 for 45 mins, 

$222.22 for 1 hour,

$305 for 90 minutes,

$390 for 2 hours 

Explore Psychic Readings: 

Recommended Course:

Learn How To Tap Into Your Own Intuition... 

... and access your psychic gifts and innate power! My Soul Communication Course teaches just that. 

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