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Amber (Etsy Store)

"Love love LOVE! I've been wearing these for my work-outs and yoga classes and I am getting COMPLIMENTS on 'em! The design is amazing and the leggings are super-soft and stretchy. I love them! I hope you come up with another star or milky way design, I would love to see maybe a different color version of this. :)"

Shamanic Medicine Tools

Hand-made and painted Shamanic medicine tools added to your toolbox. Coming to you later this year. Including Shamanic drums, infused protection candles, medicine paintings and more. 


To be released later this year. 


Crystals & Awaken Wear

High quality crystals from Tucson Gem Show. Herkimer diamonds, which were mined in Herkimer County, NY. Awaken wear and other items. 

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