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What Are Fake 5D Ascension Symptoms?

What are fake 5D ascension symptoms and what is really happening? The New Age LOVES to promote the concept of ascension, 5D, New Earth - you name it. And something that has become more and more common in the most recent years is the topic of "ascension symptoms," which goes hand in hand with it. This article addresses the myth behind the symptoms and concept and why it is quite dangerous to actually believe in them.

What are ascension symptoms?

According to a list I found online, there are around 26+ symptoms. I will list a few of the more important ones below. You are free to look them up yourself, there are numerous articles on this topic and you won't run short in labeling every illness you may have ever encountered in your life as an "ascension symptom." Some of the most common symptoms according to aforementioned list are:

  • Unusual body aches and pains

  • A feeling of disorientation

  • Memory loss

  • Loss of identity

  • Losing close friends and family

  • Your life going to hell

  • Feeling out of body

  • Feeling tired, sluggish and like you cannot get out of bed

  • Depression and anxiety (a classic!)

  • The need to eat often and also a lot of sugar

  • Night sweats, cannot sleep at night, interrupted night cycles

  • Experiencing emotional ups and down

The list goes on!

What are these symptoms instead?

Instead of actual ascension symptoms, these factors may be signs of something more severe going on. Some possible causes, reasons and factors could be:

  • EMF radiation, leading up to actual EMF poisoning

  • Entity attachments

  • Entity possession

  • Psychic attacks

  • Voodoo, spells and curses

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • and other things!

I think it's important to point out that anxiety, depression, panic and emotional ups and downs can be normal in a person's life from time to time. However, a lot of mental disorders and dis-eases (more in this post) can have a strong chemical and physical component to them. Hormonal imbalance and the right, clean nutrition can play a strong factor in these illnesses and it is therefore important to monitor what you're eating. This can be difficult when you are slugging down tons of sugar. A sugar addiction can be hard to overcome but it's not impossible. Oftentimes, when your body craves sugar, your body is also in need of grounding. Grounding foods, such as meats, milk products and other items would be more appropriate than a candy bar. Sugar also ties into your metabolism. Your body may be giving you a sign that you don't have enough of certain type of nutrients in your body. The cycle goes on if you grab the wrong item, such as pure sugar, to still the craving but instead your body truly needed something else.

In addition, EMF radiation and poisoning is no joke. A few years ago I myself fell victim to neurological damage from EMF poisoning. This happened on my journeys through Australia. It took a long time to get all the toxins out of my body and I am still not 100% certain they were all purged from my system. However, it is much better than when I first left the country. People who are energetically very sensitive and empathic (which are most people reading this or falling for the New Age sham) may experience this but not know what it truly is. I certainly recommend EMF shields for cell phone, WIFI routers and even walls. There is also a black paint meant to cover up WIFI radiation, which you can put on your walls, if you want to go that far (you can cover it up with a regular white paint color on top). The point is, there are means and methods to circumvent whatever our modern tech culture is throwing at us these days.

The most difficult part to understand is that when people channel or call upon their entities, such as spirit mis-guides, angels, archangels, the Pleiadians, Arcturians - any type of hogwash - they are opening themselves up readily for these entities to attach onto them or full-on possess them and take over their body, mind and soul. When people experience a lot of the symptoms mentioned above, oftentimes an entity can be causing them. You would want to get rid of that asap because you don't want it to manifest into even more severe physical issues or full-on diseases.

What is the danger in believing in the New Age narrative?

The concept and belief that 5D, ascension and New Earth exists can be quite dangerous. Instead of grounding people in this reality, which we all really are in, they take people out of their body and mind, splinter up their soul into pieces and scatter them across the countless dimensions for you to retrieve at one point (if you are lucky and actually know what's going on and where things went wrong). If you are reading this article, eating food, drinking water, paying your bills, working a job or for yourself, traveling to places, have a family - you are very much still here in the so-called 3D or simply in this matrix reality.

As a recovering New Ager, you might not like when this is pointed out to you. There is a lot of EGO that goes hand in hand with all these fake spiritual communities. People love to be called "Starseed," "ascended" and you-name it. However, instead of truly grounding you in your body, life, and current reality, the narratives can create a form of escapism. People love to blame their entire negative experiences, mishappenings and what-nots on "3D people" and other factors instead of finally taking responsibility for their own lives and living in the present moment.

Their goal always seems to be to go to 5D or live there. Truly you are only able to create your current reality and future when you are fully present in the here and now. An important concept to understand as most of these huge new age gurus want to drag you down a different reality, in which you won't be able to function as effectively or function at all if you keep getting splintered off in confusing ideas, loss of family and friends and other sorts. There is SO much more that goes into this. I might save it for a future post.

In the meantime, I hope this helps someone, who has found their path from either New Age (or religion - or both!) to my page and who was ever in doubt about any of these fake concepts and what is really going on.

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