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What Are The Ten Hours Of Power Of Your Solar Return?

What are your 10 hours of power of your solar return and how can you make the most of this powerful time of year?

What are your ten hours of power? Solar return explanation

Your ten hours of power have to do with your actual solar return. This is an astrology term for your birthday. Your solar return will be different every year. And so will your ten hours of power due to this fact. Of course this also ties into which time zone you will be in and many other factors. Once you find out your actual solar return, which will be different every year, you are able to determine your ten hours of power. In short, it is the time during which the planets align in the exact same way they would have during the time you were born x amount of years ago. It is therefore crucial to have your exact time of birth and birth place ready to calculate this type of information. You will be able to find it on your birth certificate or perhaps your mother knows (the person who gave birth to you).

Every year 5 hours before and 5 hours after your actual solar return, you have a window of 10 hours opening up, which is going to be crucial to determine the year ahead and the nature of the interactions you will have with others. During this time, it is of essence to eliminate any distractions, negative interactions or potential friction, which could occur by interacting with others.

The ten hours of power is a sacred concept. It is all about utilizing your inner power for your next 365 day cycle ahead. Like a lot of these spiritual concepts, they have been long forgotten or kept down in our culture and society and are not promoted in the mainstream. Only a few people, tribes or cultures are able to remember them to pass them on to future generations to come. The ten hours of power is no exception to this rule. I myself came across it just a few years ago, in 2020. Through my analytical mindset, I went back up to ten years to analyze a pattern during this time of year and see how the ten hours of power may have shaped my year ahead.

How can you make the most of this powerful time of year?

1. Avoid interactions with other people, if at all possible.

Even the most mundane or seemingly irrelevant interaction with another person could potentially throw you off on your solar return and during this 10-hour-window. Think about a mail carrier ringing the door bell and being in a foul mood for whatever reason. Being your birthday-day self, you may be all excited for the delivery but energetically you could be picking up on his foul mood and it could rub off onto you or your energetic field. I myself have had interactions with strangers during my solar return, which made me question whether or not they were controlled by random AI or entities and sent my way to ruin my day. One of those was a random guy trying to run me over in his car for "fun" during Convid times a few years back. Another interaction during the last hour of my 10 hours of power was a fellow hiker randomly attacking me in a verbal way and shaming me for picking my dog up instead of letting her free. It is to be noted that none of these interactions were of positive nature and immediately left me with a foul aftertaste after they occurred. More on how people can be controlled by AI and astral entities in a separate blog post.

It is due to these interactions and many others that I have been able to see a pattern and decide there is really something to this ten hour of power thing. I have even gone back in time - up to ten years back from when I first started honoring it - to see if perhaps some interactions had shaped my year ahead. I concluded that in some instances this may have very well been the case and that some interactions I had during this time of my solar return shaped the year ahead for me in a way that was not for the better.

Of course it works both ways, too. If you only let positive, loving thoughts into your space during this time, you are setting yourself up for the best possible outcome in the year ahead.

2. Turn off all electronics.

It would be advisable to turn off all electronic screens, shut down laptops and phones, and not even answer the doorbell, if at all possible. Even going to a store and having the possibility of a foul encounter with another customer or the clerk could actually project some difficult interactions with other people in the year ahead. I never understood the importance of the 10 hours of power up until recently, when I started adhering to it and had one of the best birthdays because of it. I even turned off all electronic devices for a good 28 hours, although it is not necessary to go that far with the rules.

I realize that a lot of people find it comforting to receive phone calls or birthday messages during their solar return. In today's tech age, we are bombarded with a million notifications, messages, app requests and whatnots. Our Facebook walls being flooded during this time of year might very well be a boost to someone's self-esteem and self-worth. However, I myself don't even check emails or any other messages until well after my birthday. Even before I knew about this concept, I literally just wanted my peace away from all that and spend time in nature or by myself. Most of my birthday parties were held days after my actual birthday and I do think there is something to all of this.

3. Make it a sacred time for yourself.

If you are unable to be asleep during this time (which may happen and this is actual my most favorite scenario when this time frame falls overnight), try to make your unique ten hours of power the most special time of the year or day. Pop on some loving music, journal in a dairy, soak in a bath. Or sit with yourself, your thoughts and in your energy. This time can be seen as one of the most sacred periods, as we regenerate and prepare for our own year ahead.

It is also important to note that not only are the ten hours of power crucial, but the next month ahead is also your power month. The weeks following your birthday can be your most powerful time as you are starting a whole new cycle and redefining and shaping your yearly cycle ahead. This in and of itself is worth finding quiet time for.

How do you find out your actual solar return?

It varies every year, but if you have your exact time of birth (not just the date) and city you were born in, you can look up when your solar return will be in the upcoming year or years ahead. Astro Seek is an excellent website to calculate your free solar return chart. Simply look up solar return chart and you will find it. offers other free astrology information and compatibility charts and so do other websites out there. Some astrology readers will include reading your solar return as an add-on in their service for an additional fee. But you can find the info readily available online, as well.

Watch the full video on how to calculate your solar return below. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some clarity for your next birthday ahead. Feel free to save this article or revisit it when that time of year has come for you. Aho!

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