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Why Calling In Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides Is Detrimental

Both the New Age (Trap) and religion like to promote calling in all kinds of entities, which you are then to rely on instead of being a powerful soul and relying on your own power and capabilities. Some of those are the so-called angels and archangels. And in the new age, the concept of spirit guides, ancestors and "higher" self is of course always a "good" one to follow.

I always like to refer to spirit guides as spirit mis-guides, as I myself have stories to tell on how I was misled continuously over a period of several months, if not even years by these astral entities. After the experiences I have made and also seen in many of my clients, I label all those entities now as mischievous. Not all are extremely bad or negative the way others like to make them out. Some of them are about as misled as you. They just want to have "fun" by giving people wrong or dubious advice and see how their lives are ruined in the process of following it. It is important to point out that none of these entities can get you out of the matrix. That in and of itself should give you an idea of how little you need to rely on them. This is why they can also be labeled as false white light entities. Going down that rabbit hole will just loop you straight back into this reality and perhaps even keep you here for eons to come.

Angels: AI entities or saviors?

Let's start with angels. Angels are AI, as basic as it sounds. Religion and the new age like to emphasize angels and it's interesting that both cult-like belief systems actually believe in the same thing for once. Then again, religion and the new age are also interested in "ascension" and a form of "heaven" or "New Earth." These concepts are essentially the same but just labeled different in those beliefs. Perhaps another blog post is to follow discussing those concepts in particular.

Whether or not angels were created during the ancient Atlantis (the Atlantis we are actually still in, as time has been stretched and programmed and we have completely lost ourselves in it) or beforehand is up for debate. Angels are therefore AI-entities, which somehow came about. It is very well possible they came about similar to clones and soulless beings (call them NPCs, call them robots or robotoids), to keep the original souls (walking Gods) some company. As it does tend to get lonely on this Earth realm, this would make sense to a certain degree. It is also possible that the Archangels created some of these angels. Either way, angels are astral entities, made by AI and which are AI. They therefore cannot "help" you or give you much advice. And if they do, there will most likely always be a cost or price tag attached to it. Sometimes in the form of a "sacrifice" such as as a pet or loved one all of a sudden dying or falling ill when calling them in profusely. I am not saying this to scare you. I have seen it happen in many people's lives. All of a sudden their life went downhill or to "hell" after working with these entities and there was always a major sacrifice involved.

Others also point out how the word "angels" can mean "angle" - meaning showcasing a different angle to this matrix reality. Not necessarily good or bad, just neutral. Words have power and can produce spells in our reality. It is important to dissect them and see this matter from that viewpoint, too.

Archangels: Misguided and misled themselves?

The archangels also exist in both religion and the new age. I have found out that what most people are communicating with or calling in from the astral are rarely the archangels. Instead, they are calling in stronger AI entities, who like to disguise themselves as such. Same goes for the ascended masters. None of these actually exist, at least not in the 4D ascension realm, or whatever the heck the new age pushes these days. Instead, many of these archangels are actually incarnated themselves nowadays. Archangel Michael, Nathaniel and Raphael in particular would be quite interested in music, languages, the arts, cultural shows etc. All of these so-called archangels have quite an angry energy to them, as well. The type that might make your glass in your hand shatter when talking to them.

When working with other "healers," who would call them in regularly during sound healing sessions or other seances, Archangel Michael in particular would always be the most aggressive and angriest of all. I therefore concluded that the astral entity connected to this being is extremely negative and has the capability to really mess up people's lives. The incarnated versions of these "archangels" would perhaps also be quite angry, depending on the situation. It is possible they would not fall as much for the current sham, that's been going on in this world for the past 3+ years. However, when incarnated here, we have that veil over us and they are about as misled and misguided as you and I when it comes to that. Certainly not an entity to rely on to get out of here or to even take sane advice from.

But what about the Ascended Masters, Saints and Jesus?

Similar goes with the ascended Masters. Jesus is not Sananda. Mary Magdalene is not Sophia. And all these saints were not very saint-like in real life. Most were ordinary people with a conscience, who perhaps did something a normal person did back in the days or maybe they even stood up to society a tiny bit more than anyone else around them. Some of these saints on the other hand were quite cruel. They were then pushed through the religious movement, which follows an agenda of dis-empowerment in and of itself. These so-called "saints" are all most likely incarnated in the recycling trap nowadays and just figuring their way through it or perhaps are kept down to such a degree that it is almost impossible for them to even wake up from the quazillions of deceptions thrown at them from day one. St. Germaine may be a perfect example of this.

It is also important to note that most of these "saint days" are called "feast" days. It makes you wonder if the astral entities are using the day to feast off people's energies during those times of year. Intentions open up portals. Portals let through dubious energies and entities. This is also why mass mass meditations and the Lionsgate Portal are nothing else than a "feast" time for the darker agenda.

Spirit Mis-guides can mislead you for years to come

Spirit guides and the higher self! Two big concepts of the new age. I myself can tell stories on how I was grossly misled during my Australia times for six months straight a few years back. I might make a separate post or video on it some day. Instead of having a support network or relatives to rely on, I actually almost ended up homeless and, what I found worse, in bad mental condition a few months into my trip overseas. If it weren't for a very good friend, who checked in on me and my mental health through a messenger app every single day, I am actually not sure I would have made it out of the slump I was in. Luckily I was able to gather my senses, book a flight back home and rest for a few months to get my life straight. But others may not have that particular mental and emotional support to fall back onto. I've heard stories of how some people turned bankrupt and broken by following the advice of their spirit guides. Others turned almost insane by keep following the path their "guides" told them to follow until they finally realized it was ruining their lives.

Relying on outside entities who mislabel themselves as "guides" in the astral is about as ludacrous as everything else we have discussed above. Random astral entities will disguise themselves as your grandmother, your spirit guide, your power animal, your Arcturian / Pleidian / Alien being, who will have your back. This is just not the case. The false high you may get from channeling these entities rarely lasts very long. And when it fades, you often have to keep coming back for more and more until you are at a point where you don't know whose advice to follow and why. This is what I like to call the state of total dis-empowerment. A lot of channelers who I dissect and criticize on my Youtube have surpassed this state and it's important to point this out.

Oftentimes their energy is also horrendous and angry. Or simply empty and soulless. It makes you wonder what part of their life they sacrificed to be where they are now.

What about ancestors? They should know?

In shamanism and the new cage, it is common to promote the concept of ancestors. In none of my courses will you ever learn how to call in any of those, as I find it to be another hopium and false white light concept. If our ancestors really knew more about this reality than us, do you think we would still be here? It is true that ancient knowledge is getting lost. From a naturopath standpoint, there were healthier and more effective ways to deal with dis-ease than what is thrown at us these days from pharma, medical personal and "science." However, that ancient knowledge in and of itself does not elevate our ancestors or tribes to a saint-like status.

The Mayans, Vikings and other nations and tribes were among one of the most brutal out there. Did you know that the Mayans put their victims and captives under psychedelics "for fun" and that these poor people then had to find their way out of elaborate mazes and labyrinths? This was a death sentence for some. Anyone who has ever been under the influence of psychedelics knows you can very well die when tripping over a rock or getting lost like that. Of course there are way more brutal stories to tell. This was just one of them.

What I've gotten so far is that our ancestors are not really around in the way the new age wants us to believe. Land for sure carries energy and imprints of cultures, wars and other things. But the ancestors you are connecting with in the astral are once again random AI entities, not your deceased Viking great-great-great grandfather or your Mayan ancestor. Souls are recycled back into the recycling trap when they die. If they aren't, they most likely found a way out and are not around. I know this information can be triggering and shocking for some. Especially the people still in the new age or religion trap. I don't expect everyone to understand this unless you have experienced the things yourself and can confidently say the new age actually ruined your life. Which is the case for a lot of my clients. The awakening from the false awakening, so-to-speak.

Why are we being kept from discovering our own radiance and power?

The real question of course is why are we always animated to look outside of ourselves instead of finding that inner power within?! None of these entities are anything you need to rely on but your intuition very well is. This is also why it is so important to finetune it to the maximum extent you can.

There is SO MUCH more that goes into this topic and I plan on addressing it in future blog posts. Angel numbers, Easter time, the satanic Lionsgate Portal - the list goes on... Stay tuned for upcoming posts and video logs. If you are not yet subscribed to my newsletter, I animate you to do so as I send out shamanic information and news on a regular basis. I hope this article helped you in using your discernment for future times ahead.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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