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Be Your Own Shaman! 
(Advanced Course)
Advanced Shamanic Healing Course

Stay tuned for updates on the advanced course starting Nov 15, 2022! 

A six-week immersive course shows you how to be your own Shaman and become your very own healer. It teaches you advanced techniques on Shamanism and Shamanic healing. Whether you are looking at becoming a Shamanic Healer or applying these techniques on your very own self – this is the ULTIMATE course to take.

In this course, I will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about shamanism and how to heal yourself. Taking the essentials course is a pre-requisite for the advanced course. 

Suggestive Itinerary: Course will run for six weeks and you will learn: 

- Soul Retrieval & Advanced Soul Retrieval (retrieving major pieces of your soul held elsewhere and by the AI controllers)

- Chip implant removals, AI entity removals and AI grid / overlay / net removals (advanced intrusion and cord removal) 

- Using sound and all you need to know; healing with elements (advanced, such as certain types of flowers etc.)

- Crystals and advanced info on crystals when healing 

- A complete in-person and remote healing session - from start to finish

And much more! 

Stay tuned for updates and come back in mid-November or subscribe to my mailing list for major announcements. 

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