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PLEASE NOTE: Pleiadian Healer is now Shamanic Self! 

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Discover Your Inner Power...

... you owe it to your soul to remember your radiance, your divinity, your strength.


About Laura

Laura from Shamanic Self is a Shamanic Healer, Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic Medium. Since 2017 she has been working with clients, giving potent Shamanic Healing sessions and intuitive psychic mediumship readings.

Her focus not only lies on helping others through sessions, but she also teaches.  Learn the ins and outs of Shamanism and how to connect with the healer inside of you in her course Be Your Own Shaman.

And in her Soul Communication Course, she guides you on how to access your own intuitive powers and gifts. 

She helps people find their way back to themselves, their inner light and innate divinity. Learn more about Laura here: 

Work With Me

Be Your Own Shaman! 
The Full Shamanic Healing Course! My bestselling course "Be Your Own Shaman" teaches all about shamanism, how to become your own shaman and healer and apply those techniques not only on yourself but also others.



Mariana, UK

"I was blown away by our session - it was just like being in person in your office!  Although I anticipated that would be beneficial it far exceeded my expectations. I could feel the healing very intensely and the results were immediate.  This is definitely one of the best decision in my life and know that very soon I am going to start living my life as to how I want,  without all the burdens controlling me."

Join the Community!

A monthly container to learn healing work, dig deeper into your own spirituality and be your limitless self.



  • Monthly expansive video lesson on Shamanism

  • Monthly circles, ceremonies, visualizations & lives

  • Monthly personal psychic reading

  • Monthly energy forecast 

  • Exclusive Member discounts & content library (30+ hrs) 



 Shamanic Healing Session:   

One of the most powerful ways to connect us to our deeper, inner selves and with the natural elements of our existence is through the power of Shamanism. Walking the Shamanic path is coming home to yourself. There are several benefits to a shamanic healing session. 

 1:1 Mentorship:   

Walk the Shamanic path with confidence! Learn the shaman way with my private 1:1 mentorships and session packages on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. They are an amazing opportunity for anyone starting out in this field or whoever needs guidance as an experienced practitioner and shaman. How do you know a Shamanic mentoring is right for you?


Have you taken my free mini-course yet?


Free Mini-Course

This mini-course is a great introduction into the world of Shamanism and some key Shamanic concepts. Learn all about cord removals and intrusion removals. Get to know the benefits of Shamanism. Includes a bonus module on how to manifest more abundance in your life! 

More Ways To Work With Me: 


Next Level Biz!  

Take your holistic and online business from zero to hero with this course! Next Level Biz teaches the ins and outs of running your own online and holistic business successfully in today's times. 


Your Soul Knows The Way

We all deserve our happy ending.

It is our divine birthright to be abundant,

prosperous and empowered. 

We are all meant to remember. 

Your soul knows the way.  

Welcome to Pleiadian Healer. 

Learn more about shamanism, empowerment techniques and matrix deceptions. 




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