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Sessions & Offerings


Please note:

All my sessions are done remotely – be it readings or healings – and clients from all over the world are able connect with me in this way.

Readings are usually done via Zoom (or Skype), as they automatically record the reading. However, a recording device from your end is always recommended, due to technical failures, which occasionally tend to happen in the 3D-world. No legal responsibility is taken on my end for recordings that are lost due to technical faults. Healings are usually done during the time agreed-upon and you will receive my notes 1 - 3 days after the remote session via e-mail. Please note: We do not connect via Zoom / Skype and e-mails are sent before and after the session. 

Soul Remembrance and Soul aWAKEning Sessions:

Intuitive Guidance Readings & Healing Sessions

Shamanic Reiki Healer

Intuitive Readings & Coachings

My Intuitive Guidance Readings are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours long. I offer them in various lengths to fit your needs and expectations accordingly. A 30- to 60-minute session is similar to a psychic reading, during which I am able to answer your most pressing questions in regards to your soul path & journey, your Starseed Origins, Cosmic Lineages, past and future lives (which are really more like parallel lives happening all at the same time), career insight, Akashic Records (if desired), Spirit Guides & Power Animals, messages from passed loved ones, your Team and/or Council of Light, other planetary lives, energetic imbalances in your body (chakras), medical intuitive advice or anything else of importance that needs to come through for you at this time and be conveyed to you.

I also guide you on your Twin Flame Journey and clarify for you any Twin Flame questions you might have. 

The longer 90- to 120-minute long readings can also be seen as Coaching Sessions and, due to their lengths, they answer a higher volume of questions than the shorter sessions. I provide you with extended insight, coaching advice, self-empowerment techniques and more  - depending on the purpose of and reason for the session.  

All readings and longer coachings are done online via Zoom (or Skype), unless specified otherwise. My readings can also be seen as healings. They don't disempower you but provide you with the information you need at the exact moment in time. Read some testimonials here. They can trigger and clarify your soul remembrance and soul awakening.  

***Disclaimer: Any medical intuitive advice won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional or expert in that field.***

Shamanic Reiki Power Session

Shamanism combined with Reiki and other healing methods 

A healing session is either 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours or 3 hours long. I do higher-level & high-vibratio-nal Shamanic Healing in addition to utilizing Reiki (if desired). I use Shamanic tools, such as visualization, intrusion removal, time traveling, shifting energy of past events, cord pulling, using the healing power of the elements (feathers, rocks, flowers, stones etc.), crystal  and chakra balancing, energy distortion removal, oracle card pulling & more. I also re-calibrate any DNA and/ or RNA codes, which are in need of such, if I am guided to do so during your session (more on this in the DNA Healing sessions listed below). 


I use the channeling and visualization methods in order to determine which parts of the client’s body need healing the most and to find the areas in your body with the most resistance to healing. I enhance the Shamanic Reiki experience with crystals and sound bath vibrations (using a Tibetan and Crystal singing bowl & also a tuning fork) and do a full auric clearing of your energy body before and after the session. If you feel called to experience a Shamanic Healing instead of the other services, this is a pretty powerful experience to have.


The 3-hour long healing session also includes a DNA-healing, which is different from the DNA-calibration. Please find details below. The 90- and 120-minute-long healing sessions have the option to add an additional hour of DNA-healing (in which case it's most likely cheaper to just go with the 3-hour-session to begin with). 

DNA / RNA Healing & Calibration

A DNA-healing session is 60 minutes long. It can be booked as a single unit or added onto the healing sessions listed above. The 3-hour-long Shamanic Reiki Healing session already includes the DNA-healing.


During this remote session, I work my way through the different DNA strands and also parts of the so-called "Junk DNA" - or what modern scientists deem as such. I align and smooth out any damage in the X and Y chromosomes (double XX in the female gender). DNA damage can occur for various reasons: Vaccine, hormonal, food and 5G cellphone tower / EMF damage and more. RNA damage can occur for similar reasons and oftentimes it is harder to heal than the DNA, as it is more delicate and its role is to be a transmitter towards the DNA part and acts as a biological messenger. While the DNA can be healed in one or more sessions, RNA seems to be harder to heal in its entirety. I therefore always try to work with the RNA but do not guarantee a full healing of it.


I heal the DNA with visualization, light language, powerful sound healing waves, intention and more methods. A DNA healing session is not as exhausting as the Shamanic healing, due to its shorter length, too. 

Other Offerings & In-Person Sessions

Please check the online scheduling link to see what my current Tarot Card and written reading offerings are. I offer on a varying basis the following: 

A 15-minute or 30-minute long recorded video reading, using various Tarot and Oracle Card decks (great for general, career questions, Twin Flame journey questions and other insight).

A 1-question-1-answer or 3-question-3-answer reading, during which I channel and write down the answer to the question(s) you have. Please note - the answers typically do not replace the 30-minute reading module and answers tend to be shorter / less elaborate than during a Zoom-call. However, the turn-around time right now is 2-5 days and could therefore be shorter than the wait time for a Zoom reading. 

Crystal Healing / Chakra Balancing (in-person). This is typically an in-person session in the NYC metro area (Union Square area). If anyone is interested in a 60-minute long or 90-minute long session or any of the sessions listed above to be face-to-face, this can be arranged at an additional travel / transport fee. Please inquire by contact form or e-mail regarding the rates, dates and more information. 

Rose Quartz

Starseed Hours

Readings & Healings 

Mo, Wed, Thurs:         9am - 10pm

Friday:                          10pm - 7pm

Saturday:                     11am - 10pm

(Hours can be subject to change, please check online booking

link for changes!) 

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