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The Psychedelic Workshop: Dive deeper into the unseen realm with the power of magic mushrooms

Psychedelics - some like to demonize them. Others love to glorify them. But what is really behind the hype (& hate) of psychedelics? Dive deeper into this world that seers, psychics, healers and other people have been using for thousands of years to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and life and open themselves up to a realm that is usually only accessible with the power of the plant kingdom. 


In this 2-hour-long workshop I discuss everything you need to know about magic mushrooms (shrooms), what exactly happens when you are tripping, what type of dosage is the most effective and what different strains exist. I also go through the potential drawbacks, such as psychic attacks, entity attachments and takeovers and how you can discern what is really going on when you open yourself up to the colorful world of psychedelics. 

I speak about my own experience of having gone through 14 psychedelic journeys myself over this past decade, what lessons I took from those, how I integrated those experiences and how I made the most of the trips with strong intention setting. 

Dive deeper into this world, gain valuable information and decide after this workshop if this is or is not for you. Learn all about the pros and cons of psychedelics and so much more.

What we will cover in this workshop:



The technicalities

  • The technical side to shrooms: What are the different types of strains, what effects can they have, what is a good dosage for a trip (not too weak, not too strong).  What does acid do and why retreats can be a bad idea if you really want to stay in your pure energy. 


The actual trip

  • What really happens on a trip, what are the different stages during it, which stage is the most potent and how you can mentally prepare yourself to have a good trip (versus a bad trip, which is very avoidable with the right preparation). 


Self-discovery and self-empowerment

  • How to prepare yourself mentally, physically and psychically before a trip. What to do about psychic attacks and entities and how to recognize what is happening. How to integrate after your psychedelic trip in order to gain the most from it.

+ 1 Bonus Module:
A guided drumming you can use when you are on your trip

Total workshop time
= 2 hours of easy-to-follow video units.

Who can benefit from this workshop? 

This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in the topic of magic mushrooms (shrooms): 

  • For anyone who has already had psychedelic trips but wants deeper knowledge on how to set intentions and recognize psychic attacks during it. 

  • For anyone who is just curious about psychedelics and wants to know more about the process and journey of it before deciding on an actual trip.  

Everything discussed in this workshop is based on my own experience of 14+ psychedelic journeys I have had on my own, mainly with shrooms. While I do lightly discuss acid and ayahuasca, the main focus of the workshop is magic mushrooms, taken in a non-retreat setting (very important!). You do not need any experience with psychedelics to take this workshop. It may be ideal for you if you have never taken them and are curious about this topic, or if you already have experience with them and want to go deeper. 

How It Works: 

  • The workshop can be completed at your own pace and you will have lifetime access to all material.

  • Modules are pre-recorded and total time is 2 hours to complete. 

  • You can access the course from any device, including a cell phone, tablet, PC and laptop.

  • Includes a bonus module - a guided drumming and breathing audio, which you can use when you are on psychedelics. 

Please note: Material can be accessed immediately after purchase. No refunds or returns after purchase. 



(+ 1 bonus module)


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