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Mini Read For The Collective Using The Moonology Deck

Little mini read for the collective on this lovely evening. I am using the Moonology deck for this one:

1) A fiery climax approaches! (Aries could be anywhere in your chart but does not have to be) - Emotions might be running high right now and it's probably best to stay put and be calm, especially when interacting with others or when mentioning others in a conversation. You might get unnecessarily upset with the behavior of others and this could have consequences in hindsight.

2) Look at the bigger picture (Sagittarius) - When you are in the moment it might be hard to see the bigger picture of why things have happened or why they happen the way they do. You might not have the entire information on a situation and this could hurt you in the end, drain you emotionally and overall just hinder you from focussing on your own path and things you want to accomplish.

3) Adjustements are required - In order to feel reborn from this situation or let go of something not serving you anymore, adjustements are required and necessary. Try to switch up your perspective and see if this helps you to understand the situation better or leaves you feeling more wholesome on an emotional level. Life is after all mostly about how we perceive and interpret things. A shift from negative to positive is a great way to start.

I hope this helps. This is not a pick-a-pile but an overall reading. If you are interested, I will feature a few more of the decks I use on a regular basis in my readings. Please also check out my latest Twin Flame reading on my Youtube Channel, if it resonates with you.

Love, light and blessings!


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