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About Pleiadian Healer

My Story

Soul aWakener, Intuitive, Healer

Shaman & Teacher of Shamanic Practices

Laura from Pleiadian Healer is an Intuitive Reader, Shamanic Healer & Soul Awakener. She specializes in Shamanic Healing with cord removals, implant removals and entity removals. She also provides DNA healings and calibrations for any type of environmental damage or influences (vaccines, nutrition etc.), which could have occurred in a person's life or been inflicted upon them at one point in their life.

In addition, she gives intuitive readings to clear away and provide clarity on past life trauma, cosmic lineages (Starseed origins), soul incarnations, karmic contracts and soul path potentials (possible future timelines). In her practice she works with sound healing (singing bowls and tuning forks) during Shamanic Journeying and visualizations.


She also gives regular tarot card readings on both of her Youtube channels, using a multitude of tarot, oracle and medicine card decks. Using this mean of divination, she coaches others and provides insight on other people’s journeys. (Main channel; Second YT Channel


Experience & Certifications: 

- Certified Crystal Healer with Sacred Healing NY
- Reiki Level I and II / Usui Tibetan (Brooklyn, NY) 
- Shamanic Reiki Master with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide (New York)

Self-taught in: 

AI removals, soul rescues, grid overlay removals and everything else! 

As seen on: 

Higher Self & Higher Self Portal (Youtube)
Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy)
New Life Expo (New York)
Awaken Fair (New York)
* Spiritual AF Podcast 
* Erekle ОТКРОВЕНИЯ НЕБЕС - C Эрекле Шония
and more! 

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