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"Be Your Own Shaman" Course Reviews:


“I learned so much that was immediately applicable and practicable." (5-star)


"Every module was well explained, just the right amount of information, and delivered at the right pace in a building-block fashion.  Everything I learned was immediately practicable in my daily life.  I could remove cords and conduct shamanic healings on others.  Although it took me a long time to complete the course due to my own busy life, I was able to apply the teachings in my daily life despite long periods between modules.  I discovered things about myself during the shamanic journeys that surprised me, revealing things I never knew.  Altogether, this was a wonderful course!”

Valerie B., USA

"Most hands-on course out there!" (5-star)

"I have taken a lot of courses over the years, some in person, some online. I did training in other areas and also took a few Shamanic workshops here and there. This course had all knowledge combined in one and this was also why I was drawn to it initially. After completing it, I can whole heartedly say it is absolutely worth your time, money and effort. You won't find these techniques most anywhere as they exceed regular Shamanism. Very helpful. Thank you!"

Ar. N., Greece

"Extremely enjoyable, very relatable comprehensive teaching style." (5-Star)


A great mix of practical experiencing with the journeys and densely packed information that cuts right to the point. 
I cannot speak highly enough of Laura as a teacher, the course is well thought out and presented beautifully. I personally was taking a lot of notes and journaling about everything and there was a lot of great insight that came through for me and I am eternally grateful for the healings that happened throughout the course. 
I am glad to be doing the advanced course but, of course, I am practicing and researching the topic also to advance my knowledge and utilize the healing tools in my newly acquired repertoire.
Thank you so much for this foundation of shamanism and neoshamanism, this is an amazing path to be on and you have helped me a great deal with starting on solid ground. 
Much love and many divine blessings to you." 

Adam B., UK

"So far this has been a great learning experience." (5-star)


"So far this has been a great learning experience. Laura teaches well and explains subjects so that people can understand easily."

Leah R., USA

"Journey to Peace" (5-star) - Heal Yourself Workshop

"The workshop can help to understand how to achieve healing, how to help yourself and others. And see if this is the right way for you. Brilliant workshop, thank you."


Larisa G., UK 

Psychic Protection Course Reviews:


"I recommend the psychic protection course! I’ve been experiencing psychic attacks since I can remember and didn’t know they were attacks until I took her course. I feel more powerful now. I did some soul journeying last night and I could notice I was being attacked during the journey and using Laura’s teachings I felt powerful."



Nicolas F., USA

"Amazing course!" (5-star)

This was a very helpful course with practical techniques. After taking the course I am confident in everything coming my way. Laura explained matters quite well. Will be taking other courses. 

Ar. N., Greece

"Simple Yet Effective" (5-star)

"I use the material covered in this course every day and I feel more balanced and less-interfered with! Great course!"

Eric M., USA

"An excellent hands-on course! A great must-have tool! I feel safer and relieved!
Thank you so much!" (5-star)

Anna B., Poland

Soul Communication Course Reviews:


"Helpful" (5-star)

"The techniques I learned were very helpful. I really appreciated the honesty on using one's intuition and the realization of giving one's power away. Very important for me. Thank you."

Takisha A., USA



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