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DNA / RNA Healing & Calibration

Please note: This session is ONLY for previous clients who have had a Shamanic Healing beforehand or the full-on 3-hour-long Shamanic Healing. It can be seen as a follow-up DNA healing for previous clients, who want to add the DNA healing a few weeks after their initial session. 


A DNA-healing session is 60 minutes long. It can be booked as a single unit or added onto the healing sessions listed above. The 3-hour-long Shamanic Reiki Healing session already includes the DNA-healing.


During this remote session, I work my way through the different DNA strands and also parts of the so-called "Junk DNA" - or what modern scientists deem as such. I align and smooth out any damage in the X and Y chromosomes (double XX in the female gender). DNA damage can occur for various reasons: Vaccine, hormonal, food and 5G cellphone tower / EMF damage and more. RNA damage can occur for similar reasons and oftentimes it is harder to heal than the DNA, as it is more delicate and its role is to be a transmitter towards the DNA part and acts as a biological messenger. While the DNA can be healed in one or more sessions, RNA seems to be harder to heal in its entirety. I therefore always try to work with the RNA but do not guarantee a full healing of it.


I heal the DNA with visualization, tuning forks, powerful sound healing waves, intention and more methods. A DNA healing session is not as exhausting as the Shamanic healing, due to its shorter length, too.


I also pull any toxins, heavy metals and other objects out, if it comes up during the session. This can be especially relevant if you have taken the most recent Con-vid-vaccine or any of the PCR tests, which have shown to modify the DNA in my healing sessions. 

Prices (in USD):

DNA healing:     $144.44

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