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Learn Tarot Like A Pro! 

Learn How To Successfully Master Tarot (by Pleiadian Healer)

Have you been wondering how to use tarot more to your advantage or how to read a clear yes and no answer in the cards? Did you know that the Queen of Cups can both stand for Gemini and Cancer signs and that each tarot card can symbolize a different zodiac sign?

In this course you are able to learn tarot as a beginner from the bottom up. “Learn Tarot Like A Pro” is a 5.5-hour long course, teaching you all about tarot and the major components that go with it. It covers everything, such as the major and minor arcana, the cards’ meanings in upright and in reverse, the difference to oracle and medicine decks, reading a clear yes or no answer in tarot and what zodiac signs can be read when doing tarot readings and more.


It also includes a module on 20-minute tarot, in which we go through an entire 78 card deck in only 20 minutes, for those who want to know how. And we cover nine easy-to-use card spreads, which can be applied for your own situation or those of others.


9 Simple-To-Use Modules: 

  1. Introduction to Tarot, history of Tarot, ethics of giving Tarot Readings, what is Intuitive Tarot and more. 

  2. 20-minute Tarot: Randomly going through a 78-card-deck and giving you the meaning of each card. 

  3. Intro to the Arcanas and the Major Arcana: All cards and their meanings read upright and in reverse

  4. The 4 suits of the Minor Arcana: All cards and their meanings read upright and in reverse

  5. The difference between Tarot card decks and Medicine and Oracle card decks. How to use them in a card reading. 

  6. How to read a clear Yes and No in Tarot. Going through a Tarot deck and analyzing each card.  

  7. Zodiac signs in Tarot: Which cards stand for what sign

  8. Nine easy card spreads, starting with a simple 3-card spread and working our way up to the Celtic Cross. How to apply spreads in a reading. 

  9. Outro: How to shuffle the decks, how to use Tarot in finance, career and love readings, and more. 


Total course time: 5.5. hours

This course comes in 9 easy modules in video form, providing you with all tidbits on how to read the scrips the matrix provides us, how to tap into our intuition and how to use tarot for your advantage.


Recommended tools to have beforehand:

A 78-card tarot deck (traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck or else. I am mostly using the “Gilded Tarot” by Ciro Marchetti).

Modules and questions will be answered during personalized e-mails. Course has 5.5 hours of pre-recorded modules. 

Level: Beginner level – no prior experience necessary. Can also be taken by immediate and advanced-level people. Open to ages 18 and up. 

Time to complete: Modules can be taken in any order desired, no consecutive order required. You can learn it over the course of a few days or pace yourself however you want to. 5.5 hours total time. 

Price: $155.55

Refund Policy: No refunds after purchase. Full course can be purchased here. Files are accessible online right after purchase, on phones, tablets and PCs.  


Want a Preview?

Meet Shamanic Self

Laura from Shamanic Self is an Intuitive Reader, Shamanic Healer & Soul Awakener. She specializes in Shamanic Healing with cord removals, implant removals and entity removals. She also provides DNA healings and calibrations.

In addition, she gives intuitive readings to clear away and provide clarity on past life trauma, cosmic lineages (Starseed origins), soul incarnations, karmic contracts and soul path potentials (possible future timelines). In her practice she works with sound healing (singing bowls and tuning forks) during Shamanic Journeying and visualizations.
She also gives regular tarot card readings on both of her Youtube channels, using a multitude of tarot, oracle and medicine card decks. Using this mean of divination, she coaches others and provides insight on other people’s journeys.


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