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Is Christianity A Cult Keeping Souls Entrapped?

Happy Easter Weekend! Is religion and specifically Christianity creating perhaps the same trap that the New Age is creating with all its false promises and hope for a better future in the 5D (salvation) and more?

A pretty powerful review of a Christian video is up on my YT channel. In this one I dissect through a video that went viral a few weeks ago (with more than 1.2 million views). The narrator is talking about his experience with having seen Jesus and the message the entity he was communicating with supposedly had for him. I compare a few of his messages to the New Age and how some ideologies are pretty much the exact same mindset just phrased differently in both "cults" or "religions".

Hop on over, this was a juicy one and I hope more people get the message across that no one is out there to save you, be it false light beings in disguise, such as Jesus or God, or the angels, archangels and other entities keeping you in the matrix, telling you how bad humans are and forcing you to judge yourself the moment you exit this physical body and are perhaps sucked back into the reincarnation trap.

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