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Reviewing Ismael Perez: Actor, Liar Or Puppet? (Our Cosmic Origin)

Ismael Perez fraud? Ismael Perez seems to be the newest up and coming character in the never-ending charade of the New Age and Truther community alike. It's always astonishing where they find these types of bodies to reinforce their agenda. His tagline is the "cosmic origin story" and the book he supposedly wrote on it. If you do not ascend before spring 2024, you will not make it to New Earth - he claims. A dangerous game these people put into people's head. Ascend your cosmic Starseed Origin with the help of AI - Ismael.

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Thank goodness someone mentioned this. This guy is the biggest new age scammer I have seen to date. Leading everyone to hell. He also states “we are legion” on his social media. We all know what demon that is….there is also something very sinister in his demeanor and gaze. We all see through it. He needs deliverance asap.

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Just another actor in the pond of new cage guru actors.


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