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Intuitive Readings & Coachings

My Intuitive Guidance Readings are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours long. I offer them in various lengths to fit your needs and expectations accordingly. A 30- to 60-minute session is similar to a psychic reading, during which I am able to answer your most pressing questions in regards to your soul path & journey, your Starseed Origins, Cosmic Lineages, past and future lives (which are really more like parallel lives happening all at the same time), career insight, Akashic Records (if desired), Spirit & Power Animals, messages from passed loved ones, your Team and/or Council of Light, other planetary lives, energetic imbalances in your body (chakras), medical intuitive advice or anything else of importance that needs to come through for you at this time and be conveyed to you.

I also guide you on your Twin Flame Journey and clarify for you any Twin Flame questions you might have. 

The longer 90- to 120-minute long readings can also be seen as Coaching Sessions and, due to their lengths, they answer a higher volume of questions than the shorter sessions. I provide you with extended insight, coaching advice, self-empowerment techniques and more  - depending on the purpose of and reason for the session.  

All readings and longer coaching sessions are done online via Zoom (or Skype), unless specified otherwise. My readings can also be seen as healings. They don't disempower you but provide you with the information you need at the exact moment in time. Read some testimonials here. They can trigger and clarify your soul remembrance and soul awakening.  

***Disclaimer: Any medical intuitive advice won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional or expert in that field.***

Prices (in USD):


30 minute recorded reading:     $122.22

45 minute recorded reading:     $188.88

60 minute recorded reading:     $222.22

90 minute recorded reading:     $303.33

2 hour recorded reading:           $388.88

Shamanic Reiki Healer
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