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Tarot Readings

Utilizing one of the most ancient tools of divination, the insight is powerful and accurate alike. 

Why A Tarot Card Reading? 

Do you desire a clear "yes" or "no" answer on a specific topic? Would you like to receive more information on what is exactly going on in a situation that is unclear to you? Then a Tarot Card Reading might be just the right solution for you! 

Tarot is one of the oldest forms of divination and for a very good reason! Reading the cards accurately can give you a very different type of insight and clearly answer "yes" or "no" questions than most other divination techniques do. Simply put, tarot provides a degree of certainty not too many other tools will.


When reading the cards, there is a plethora of insight that comes through and it is always recommended to re-interpret the cards at a later time, too. Thus finding hidden messages that were not yet clear to the beholder's eye until then. You therefore receive a recording for life when purchasing this reading and I recommend you re-visit it a few months down the line. 

I offer several different tarot card readings, ranging from simple 3 card spreads to full blown Celtic cross spreads and more. Typically my readings are highly intuitive and no spread is even required as the cards and their order speak for themselves. If your question is more urgent, I would recommend an emergency card reading (turn-around: 48 hours). The current turn-around for a regular tarot card reading is up to 1 week. 

In my tarot card readings, I do not call upon any entities, guides, angels, archangels or other "beings." The readings are purely intuitive and a true gem. If you wish to know how to tap into your own intuition without any entities, I offer a variety of courses to sharpen your intuition.

***Disclaimer: Any medical intuitive advice won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional or expert in that field.***

Book Your Tarot Reading


$188.88 for 30-mins-emergency reading,

$133.33 for 15-mins-emergency reading,

$111.11 for 30 minutes regular, 

$77.77 for 15 minutes regular. 

All Readings:

Recommended Course:

Learn How To Read The Cards... 

... and access your psychic gifts and innate power! My course Learn Tarot Like A Pro teaches just that. 

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