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Learn Shamanic lessons, energy healing exercises, psychic reads on world topics and more! Gain access to more than 6 months of teachings.

To walk the Shaman's path means living life in a conscious way. To meet each occurrence as a wonder and a way to teach us something new. In the core of our inner knowing, we have access to all this. We are able to come back to us, our true self, our inner power house and nature. 

"The Shaman's Way Course" is a collection of exercises, Shamanic lessons, psychic readings, which were featured in my monthly memberships over the course of six months. Obtain entry to more than 22.5 hours of content and teachings  - the absolute highlights of this community. Gain access to valuable Shamanic tools, powerful energy healing exercises, energy reports, and psychic reads on world topics and matrix matters.


The course can be completed on your own time and is structured according to each month (six months total). Join to receive the highlights of my former memberships and to start your Shamanic journey ahead. 

The Shaman's Way


Is this for you?

Do you recognize yourself in any (or all) of the below? 

  • Have you been looking to learn more about the path of Shamanism, energy healing and spiritual wisdom? 

  • Are you curious about new healing concepts and how to incorporate them into your daily life (such as a vision quest, psychic protection tools etc.)?

  • Do you want to learn hands-on techniques and exercises to expand your repertoire & healing journey and to use in everyday life? 

  • Do you desire access and answers to deeper (psychic) insight on important matrix concepts and worldly topics? 

  • Do you want to access powerful tools - to be completed on your own timeline? 

Then this course sounds like the perfect fit for you! Dig deeper into your own spirituality than you ever have before.


What's Included?

Image by Nils Stahl

In-depth Lessons

Image by John Schnobrich

Powerful exercises




How-tos (tools)


Psychic Readings on world topics

Image by Hannah Busing

Matrix topics (e.g. real meaning of Samhain)


Sound Healings & Visualizations


And more!

What you receive:

You obtain access to 6 months worth of teachings - to be completed on your own time and from the comfort of your home. To make it easier, each month is named a chapter. In every chapter you will receive the following: 

  • A lesson in the form of an expansive video training on Shamanism

  • A video ceremony, guided Shamanic Journey, powerful sound healing or visualization exercise  (will vary each month)

  • A monthly energy forecast and report

  • A psychic reading on a worldly topic, matrix concept or spirituality in general (submit question)

  • Shamanic ceremonies for the equinox and solstice (two total in the course)

  • A video on a matrix topic, such as the real meaning of Samhain, climate change hoax etc. 

= 6-7 videos each month/chapter total

(22.5 hours of total content, to be completed on your own time and online)

In addition to:

  • 20 % discount off when becoming a member of my future community (to be announced)

  • Bonus lessons (heavy metal detox, manifestation techniques and more)

The Shaman's Way

Learn how to do a Vision Quest

Discover your very own medicine

Heal the energy body with roses

Find back to your Shamanic Self

Learn house clearing & portal closing

Special solstice & equinox circles

Beach wave sound healing 

Shamanic drums and rattle sound healing 

And more! 


Online Lessons
Topics Covered: 

Shamanic Community Key Components: 

Shamanic Lesson

Learn a new shamanic lesson, practice or technique each month. Apply it in your daily life and connect with your inner shaman. New in-depth lesson every month. 

Sound Healings

Receive one monthly tool for expansion. Such as a recorded video ceremony, a Shamanic sound healing, a guided Shamanic journey, visualization exercises or similar. 

Powerful Exercises

In addition to the lesson, learn a powerful exercise on energy healing, energy work, psychic protection and more. Tap into your own power by applying these hands-on exercises. 

Matrix Topics

Each month contains a video on a matrix topic. What is the real meaning behind Samhain, All Soul's Day and other dubious holidays? What about the energy in the Middle East and other hot spots? 

Psychic Readings

Each month, you receive a reading on a worldly topic or matrix concept. These are general psychic reads on questions my former members have asked. 

Bonus Lessons

This course contains a few bonus lessons, such as a powerful manifestation technique, how to detox heavy metals, how to detox from parasites and else. These are in addition to the regular content. 

The Shaman's Way

You receive: 

The Shaman's Way Course,
22.5 hours of teachings (six chapters)
Price: $399
(value of $1,600) 

Start your healing journey now! 

Shamanic Lessons



Added Tools

What's Included? Here is a Preview:


The Shaman's Way

Shamanic Lesson: 

An immersive video topic each month on a Shamanic lesson, such as how to perform your own Vision Quest, how to conduct a rose healing ceremony, how to make your own psychic protection tools and candles - and more! 

Native Drums
Copying Down

Powerful Exercises

Exercises for each month, focusing on energy healing, energy work, psychic protection and other Shamanic techniques. These are in addition to the monthly Shamanic lesson. Dive deep into each chapter and month and learn hands-on tools. 

Ceremonies & Tools

Two ceremonies - equinox and solstice -  with my intention setting guide. And Shamanic visualizations, guided Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic sound healing (drum music, rattle music, beach wave sound etc.).  These are in addition to the lessons and exercises. 

Healing Therapy
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The Shaman's Way


Hi, I am Laura...

I am a Shamanic Healer, Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic Medium. Since 2017 I have been working with clients, giving Shamanic Healing sessions.

After being certified as a Shamanic Healer & Practitioner by a NYC institute, I have had the chance to gain as much hands-on experience in this practice as possible. While most of my sessions are remote, you will find me occasionally doing in-person sessions in the NYC area or at events. 

Not only do I love to do sessions, but my passion is also teaching! I help people find their way back to themselves, their inner light and innate divinity. Learn more about me here: 

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