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Unlock The Key To Your Soul! 

A Comprehensive Soul Communication Course

with Shamanic Methods (by Shamanic Self)

Have you been wondering how to unlock the key to your soul and start your soul communication? Have you been wanting to know if the insight you are receiving is "accurate" and yours?

This six-week immersive course shows you how to unlock your soul and communicate with your soul clearly, without confusion, and by eliminating distractions around you. It teaches you how to tap into your intuition and finetune your intuitive insights, which we oftentimes receive but might not recognize as such. It also addresses divination means, Shamanic Journeying, cord removals, soul contracts and the rewriting of such, voodoo and spell removal work, energy protection means, crystal healing and use, dream interpretation and more.


A Six Week Immersive Course:

  1. Introduction, learning about soul communication techniques, & a bonus Shamanic Journey to discover your power animal, past event trauma and soul retrieval

  2. Removing attachments, cords, AI beings and intrusions from your energy field

  3. Divination Techniques: Using medicine / oracle card decks, pendulums and other means

  4. Soul contracts: What are they, how to destroy and rewrite them? How to set up protective energy shields and stay grounded (Bonus: working with manifestation lists)

  5. How to ward off psychic attacks, voodoo, spells & curses (& being aware they are in your field); the basics on crystal healings and how to use crystals on a daily basis

  6. Dream interpretation and past lives: dream work/analysis and discovering what your soul is communicating to you; past live trauma and what it means / how to work with it

This course is interactive and will have homework during the week. In order to gain the most from this course, it is recommended to participate in the homework and tasks provided during the week.

Video modules will be sent out at the beginning of each week in addition to the occasional worksheet. Modules, further techniques and questions will be answered during personalized e-mails. Course has 10+ hours of pre-recorded material. 

Course can be completed at your own pace. 

Level: All levels, no experience required. Beginners welcome. This course is online. Open to ages 18 and up. 

Time to complete: Six weeks, at your own pace and leisure

Price - course only: $380

Option to add on a private 30-minute reading session (value: $122.22): 

Price: $100

Refund Policy: No refunds after purchase. No refunds on sessions. Full course can be purchased here.


Meet Laura from Shamanic Self

Laura from Shamanic Self is an Intuitive Reader, Shamanic Healer & Soul Awakener. She specializes in Shamanic Healing with cord removals, implant removals and entity removals. She also provides DNA healings and calibrations.

In addition, she gives intuitive readings to clear away and provide clarity on past life trauma, cosmic lineages (Starseed origins), soul incarnations, karmic contracts and soul path potentials (possible future timelines). In her practice she works with sound healing (singing bowls and tuning forks) during Shamanic Journeying and visualizations.
She also gives regular tarot card readings on both of her Youtube channels, using a multitude of tarot, oracle and medicine card decks. Using this mean of divination, she coaches others and provides insight on other people’s journeys.


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