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Course Packages

Are you interested in taking more than one course? My package deals are a great way to get the best value for your money.

All Access Pass:

The entire collection of all my courses at your hands! 

Join the full course academy and get access to 10 courses & sound healings and a total of 60.5 hours of content.

Your biggest savings! For those committed to learn. 

All Access pass.png

More Packages:

3 Package Deal:

Best Value!


(Value: $1,689. You save: $940!) 

three-Course package.png

2 Package Deal:


(Value: $389. You save: $114!) 




3 Package Deal:

Best Value !


(Value: $1,584. You save: $934!) 

2 Package Deal:


(Value: $334. You save: $84!) 


Course & 2 x mentoring sessions: 

2 x 1-hour mentoring sessions

+ Be Your Own Shaman - the full 22-hour-course! 


(Value: $1,695 You save: $945!) 

Please Note: 

Packages are paid upfront. No refund policy applies. ​

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