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Shamanic Healing: AI Implant Removal, Cord Removal & More

A Shamanic healing session starts at 2 hours and goes up to 3 hours long. I also offer a 90-minute intro session for a quicker healing experience, which will include some (but not all) of the elements the regular sessions include. This can be a great way to try out my sessions first or go over one or two major focus points during it. 


I do highly advanced Shamanic Healing in addition to using the life force energy (if desired). Life force energy can be seen as a form of Reiki but without the use of the Reiki symbols (very important!).


Please note: This is NOT a Zoom session. The healing is entirely remotely. Very detailed notes are sent after the session and clarify what exactly happened during the healing. You can also be asleep or meditate during this healing, for people who are in different time zones. This is a remote session and you do not have to be awake during it. 

A Shamanic Healing with me focuses on the following areas: 

- AI implant removals, intrusion removals, and energetic parasite removals 

- Cord removals 

- AI overlay removals (can be in a grid or net form)

- Balancing out of energy centers 

- Soul Retrievals 

- Stabilization and recalibration of auric field 

- And more! 


During these healings, I use traditional Shamanic techniques, such as visualization, intrusion removal, time traveling, shifting the energy of past events, cord removals and using the healing power of the elements (feathers, rocks, flowers, stones etc.). I also do crystal  healing and energy balancing, energy distortion removal, medicine deck card pulling & more. Medicine decks and soul retrievals help to clarify anything that might come up during a session and provide additional messages.


I remove AI implants, either implanted by alien technology, coming from interdimensional beings or implanted by the AI tech and EMF pollution as a result of our direct environment. I recalibrate the auric field through the means of sound and traditional Shamanic tools, such as drums and rattles (very powerful!). 

During my cord removals and implant removals, the cords and implants / chips / parasites are pulled out directly, so that no residue or the least amount of residue remains in the energy body. I do not cut cords but pull them out entirely. Sometimes a heart wall is present during the balancing out of a client's energy center (similar to a chakra, but not necessarily tied to the chakra overlay system). In this case, I do my best to remove it, as well. 

A soul retrieval is a powerful (and ancient) Shamanic technique. It is about retrieving lost parts of your soul or scattered soul pieces, which are now called to return home or back to your soul and heart center. The soul retrievals occur in the form of traveling back into a past life or past event in this lifetime or going back to an event where certain parts of your souls splintered off.

This part of the session may also include a "soul rescue" - which is getting your soul out from where it is and either hiding it or calling it back into your body. If you are specifically interested in where your soul is and how to get it out, contact me beforehand. I do not guarantee this happening during every Shamanic Healing unless it comes up or the client is specifically asking for it. It is more elaborate than the regular "soul retrieval" part. 


I also re-calibrate any DNA and/ or RNA codes, which are in need of such, if I am guided to do so during your session (more on this in the DNA Healing sessions listed below). 


I use the channeling and visualization methods in order to determine which parts of the client’s body need healing the most and to find the areas in your body with the most resistance to healing. I enhance the Shamanic Reiki experience with crystals and sound bath vibrations (using a Tibetan and Crystal singing bowl & also a tuning fork) and do a full auric clearing of your energy body before and after the session. If you feel called to experience a Shamanic Healing instead of the other services, this is a pretty powerful experience to have.

The 3-hour long healing session also includes a DNA-healing. Please find details below. The 90-minute, 2-hour and 2.5-hour-long healing sessions have the option to add an additional hour of DNA-healing (in which case it's most likely cheaper to just go with the 3-hour-session to begin with). 

Prices (in USD):


90 minute healing:     $222.22

2 hour healing:           $266.66

2.5 hour healing:       $299.99 

3 hour healing:          $333.33

DNA healing:             $144.44

Shamanic Reiki Power Session
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