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1-11-11 - Prime Manifestation Time

Today is 1-11-11 (since 2018 is an 11 year), which means it’s prime manifestation time! Take some time out of your day to write down exactly what you want to achieve this week, this month or even this year and sit with it. If you could do that at either 11:11am or 11:11pm - even better.

Manifesting ones wishes and desires is perhaps one of the most fun activities I can recommend to anyone. From vision boards over handwritten notes to simply imagining what kind of future you want – the methods to get there and means to achieve something seem quite endless.

Literature and blogs on how exactly to do this can be overwhelming. I would recommend reading as much as possible on this topic and to form your own opinion on how to go about exactly. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I am a highly visual person and imagining my goal in detail has yielded great success in the past. But I have also noticed the power of the spoken word and how some situations have manifested almost instantaneously after uttering a thought out loud. What we can all agree on is certainly one thing: Times have shifted and we are now working with accelerated energy, which is highly beneficial when used in the right way.

The key elements of manifestation are goal setting, visualization, and gratitude.

1) In order to manifest, you would need to know what exactly it is you want. Vague goal setting, just as in other areas of your life, will usually not get you where you want. Writing down your intentions can be a good way to sort out what you want to focus on right now and what you will leave for a different manifestation. For example, manifesting a new house and manifesting a new job in the same manifestation session can be a bit tricky. So commit to one first and leave the second one to another time.

2) The more details you can envision about, say, your house, the better. The area/neighborhood you would like it in, the amount of rooms it has, the way it’s situated, how far away it is from your job etc.

3) Then take some time to thank the Universe or whoever you believe in to get you one step closer to your goal. Do it in a ceremonial way – either by prayer, by directing your gratitude up to the sky or by sitting calmly in feelings of gratefulness for a few moments.

Lastly, releasing the entire idea you want to manifest for a few days and not thinking about it gets the Universe started on helping you out. After some days have passed, set aside 5-10 minutes each and every day (in the morning or evening) to visualize your key goal again. I used to write my manifestations down in a journal or hide them away from the public. It’s probably a good idea not to mention your manifestation goals to anyone until they have come true or are about to come true, unless you know that person will try to help you reach them. Otherwise you might have a destructive energy intervening, which could be counter-productive to the entire process.

For further tips and literature on manifestation, I highly recommend “The Manifestation Matrix” by Robbins Blair. This book is an easy and fast read and you can also download it to your kindle or smartphone if you don’t want to wait on the hard copy. Thanks to Blair’s tips and rigid order on how to manifest, I was able to manifest $10,000 (outside of my normal salary) within four months. He outlines 9 steps precisely – and each of them, when adhered to, has brought me one step closer to what I wanted. I know – mind-blowing!

Depending on what you want to manifest, you can certainly use the help of crystals, colors and other tools. Great crystals to manifest financial abundance would be: citrine, green aventurine, jade, goldstone, moonstone, tiger’s eye, moss agate… The list goes on! Stones which attract romantic love are: rose quartz, malachite, jade, amazonite…

The symbolism of medicine bags is quite profound (more about this in separate blog post). In this example, I used a selection of stones to attract financial abundance and chose a green bag (the symbol for money) to keep them in, together with my handwritten note and some other totems. For example, placing a money bill or coin in this bag can heighten the symbolism of wealth. I also use sage and sandalwood during the manifestation ceremony. Frankincense is another excellent manifestation scent.

Other great tools would be vision boards (another separate blog post on this to come). There are literally an unlimited amount of ways on how to manifest but I believe once you get the basics right, you will see how much easier it is to achieve what you want. Sometimes it reminds me of a muscle almost – the more you train it and the more ways you explore, the better and stronger you get at it.

Happy Manifestation Time! Use the power of synchronicity to your advantage today!

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