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Multi-dimensionality: Tapping Into Several Different Selves At Once

Multi-dimensionality: The confusion over these past few days and weeks has been real. If some of you have been feeling like your head is in a cloud, that you are turned upside down or that you are perhaps even turning crazy or something similar to it - you are not alone. As we are ushering in the new energies, New Earth and a new paradigm, we are (sometimes painfully) letting go of all the old. This might be met with resistance by some, for others the letting go will be much easier than it has proven to be in the past. All of a sudden, labels, names, tags and even professions might not fit anymore. What you see and perceive yourself as now as opposed to the way you introduced yourself to others and the world in the past might present itself as a huge gap.

For some, this gap could have led to a distortion of reality and the resulting feeling of disconnect, that a few are now experiencing. You are seeing how limiting all these labels, names etc. were. You might be doubting your sanity or feeling completely disconnected from your previous life and representation of such. We are now seeing as clear as never before how multi-dimensional we truly are and how much we have to offer. Timelines are running into each other, there is no clear break between them anymore. Who we are, were and ought to be is all merging into one.

We know there is so much more for us out there, we just cannot name or define it yet. It is crucial right now to let go of all the old labels and preconceived notions in order to welcome in the new and embrace our multi-dimensionality to its fullest.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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