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Energy Update: The Divine Masculine Catching Up

I tapped into the collective energy last night and felt into it for 8 hours straight. I went from feeling highly euphoric to lying on my living room floor, shattered by all the pain, hurt and emotions, which hit me. The main message I got was that the men are catching up.

The divine masculine has been processing GENERATIONS of hurt, pain and social conditioning. What a huge difference from two years ago, when the gap between both genders seemed insurmountable. I saw husbands, boyfriends, men and boys. I took a look at their energy and read what was happening. People marrying for all the wrong reasons. Men being with their girlfriends and feeling complete suffocation and stranglement. Staying with a partner for all the wrong reasons - obligations, family, societal expectations.

Cheating, betraying and going behind their backs and losing themselves in the process. Not knowing how to cope with their feelings of "manning up", inadequacy and having to provide for a family in times like this. I went from anger and resentment to sadness and heartbreak. I saw the massive amount of lost dreams, hopes, fear and confusion caused by unfulfilled visions which never became a reality. I saw how we as women have been dealing with it for so long and are in a much better place to break free.

But I am so happy the men are getting there. Becoming the divine and equal counterparts on a soul level, which they were always meant to be.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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