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Energy Update: Fear = Love (Pandemic)

I know the vibes have not been the easiest lately. I myself have been dealing with deep vulnerability, having almost a full-blown panic attack when walking outside for the first time in days, and simply picking up way too much on other people's energies and intentions.

The global reset happening all around the world is forcing all of us to go inwards. To observe on a deeper level how well we are with ourselves, the essence of us. How comfortable we are to be surrounded by just us or how much we still have to learn and work on us in order to become whole again. Being able to tap into the darkest secrets of humanity and still showing up in love for all of this week already has shown me how strong we all are and how much can endure and have endured over the eons of time that we have been in existence.

Fear is love. Nothing else. Now is a great time to hold space, show compassion and just be. To be with ourselves, show up for ourselves, hold space for our darkest concerns, fears and anxiety. I hope you too are gaining some valuable insights over this very interesting time ahead. Tune into love and high vibes, surround yourself with the good stuff.

Much love,

Pleiadian Healer

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