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Energy Update: Heart-Centered Time

My heart is heavy when tapping into the Collective Energy. This past Sunday's group session was potent to a degree I did not anticipate.

A major theme came through for all: We are in a very heart-centered time right now. It is important to listen to our hearts, tune into them and sit with all the emotions, which are currently coming up. Be it sadness, happiness or anything else. Right now a huge wave of compassion is coming our way and a vortex of solidarity, love and relationships has opened up. We are able to open our hearts to an extent we seldom have before and to really be there for one another. Be still, listen to the song your heart is playing for you. Our twin flame's energy is also around us. For everyone currently in separation, you might be picking up on each other's heartache.

Another theme that came up was the tightness I felt in my solarplexus this weekend. There is still quite a lot of fear and anxiety in today's world. Transmuting all of our emotions and feeling them is essential right now.

We are in this together, Starseeds! ❤️

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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