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Energy Update: The Pink Full Supermoon

Every month the full moon has a different theme and this month (April) it is called the Pink Moon. The color is because it is known to be seen as pink (just as in some other months it is known to be seen as red). This time, we are also dealing with a Supermoon, meaning it is close to Planet Earth and right in our orbit.

This full moon is quite spectacular and also special. It is literally a portal and it is fully operational and opening its portal gates wide up. It is opening up portals to love, mostly romantic love, but of course also compassion and interestingly enough solitude (which is fitting for our current societal happenings and restrictions). We will be receiving an outpouring of love from intergalactic beings, earthly beings and many more spirits. TF relationships will be able to feel into each other and their emotions - even from a distance (lots of anger and frustration today).

Since the world is in chaos, it is lacking in love and therefore we are in need of an extra dosis of love and we are here to receive. Meditate with your crystals (rose quartz is an EXCELLENT gem), listen to sound healings, focus on the moon. Do whatever makes you happy and empowered because we are in a precarious and also exciting new time. It is a time to find your own light again, your time to shine and to remember who you really are.

Much love to all of you! We got this, Starseeds!

~Pleiadian Healer

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