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Energy Update: Spiritual Warfare and Ascension Symptoms

Have you been waking up feeling like you barely slept, your back is hurting, your body is aching and you have a massive headache? Today and this week in general might be one of those times. I call them times of "spiritual warfare" and also "ascension symptoms." I feel especially a lot of men have been going through it these past few weeks (sleepless nights, anyone?!), but this is pretty equally distributed across all genders and energetic imprints.

What is happening in the non-physical 5D level and beyond cannot be comprehended by the 3D mind. For people who feel and see energy, this is much easier. As lightworkers, Starseeds and wayshowers, we are currently having the fight of many lifetimes combined. I literally woke up and felt like I had just come out of a battle. I know a lot of you feel similar. Rest assured that the light is winning this battle, but that doesn't mean other forces are going to leave without fighting back.

Use protection, stay safe and be aware of what's going on. Best wishes for the week ahead!

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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