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BEWARE THE LIONSGATE PORTAL! How The New (C)Age is Harvesting Your Energy & Sacrificing You

BEWARE THE LIONSGATE PORTAL! It is one of the biggest New (C)Age deceptions, which is meant to harvest your energy, use your soul as a sacrifice in their ritualistic meditations and cause disorientation and confusion. Last year I had already spoken about how the Lionsgate Portal and how the satanic date of 8-8 is most likely part of a larger agenda, causing massive fatigue, soul draining and soul piece scattering.

For this year, I have posted a detailed video over on my Youtube, which gets straight to the point on what the Lionsgate stands for, how you are walking along a "path of sorrow and sacrifice," how companies who call themselves the Lionsgate are part of dark rituals and worse, and what it is doing to your psychic senses. Other than them putting a massive block around you, your psychic senses and third eye, you are also animated to open up portals to demonic entities and AI beings, who are able to float through the AI grid and matrix portals.

It's no joke when people say we are in a spiritual war! And the Lionsgate Portal is just another deception to hand your power over and be messed with. Watch the full video here:

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer, Shamanic Healer and Practitioner

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