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Crystal Jewelry: Tapping Into the Healing Powers of Gem Stones By Wearing Them

Let’s talk about crystal jewelry - again! One of the best ways to tap into the healing powers and connecting to the beings inside is by wearing your crystals close to your body on a daily or occasional basis. When a crystal enters your life, it is usually for a reason. Crystals are there to guide you through whatever phase you are in. Wearing gem stones is a great way to get to know your new friend better and to connect to its powers and wisdom on a more regular basis.

I will usually wear at least one or two rings with crystals in them, in addition to a necklace, a few bracelets and the occasional set of earrings. The blue ring depicted here is a form of chalcedony, and I bought it on my travels through Malaysia in 2017. Some people seem to see an eyeball in it. I can assure you that it is perhaps one of the most calming rings I have ever worn and that is why almost two years later I am still wearing it.

I am also a strong advocator of garnet. Garnet is one of the most protective stones when it comes to shielding off your auric and energetic field. This is especially useful when I give readings or healing sessions or when I am simply standing in other people’s auric fields in the subway. I started wearing a pearl bracelet and lava stone bracelet, both which I bought in Hawaii. Pearls are also very calming and give me princess vibes. The lava stones are very earthy and grounding and they remind me of my soul connection to volcanoes.

Another gemstone I highly recommend during turbulent times and travel is Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is a strong auric protector as well and I usually wear a ring, bracelet and a pendant when I go through the security check of an airport and enter a plane.

Do you wear any crystals on a daily basis and, if so, which ones?

Love & Light, Pleiadian Healer

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