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Crystal of the Week: Magical Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper: Connecting the heart through the solarplexus chakra with the root chakra. With only a diameter of 2 inches, this sphere is small but mighty! You can look at all the smaller nuggets and crystal structures inside of it and simply get lost in its feelings, colors and pattern. When I initially picked this ocean jasper sphere up, I felt it had a strong connection to my heart. And indeed, the flowery patterns on it appeal to some “flowery feelings” and connecting the heart to nature more and the softness of it all.

I also noticed the brown undertones and interpreted this as appealing to the earth and root chakra. When I tapped into it, I saw the sunniest of rays and then noticed the small light patterns of yellow spread all over this one. It showed me how it is connected to the sun and brings back these powerful rays to the earth and also to the murky waters of the ocean. Through the little landscapes on it, it almost looks like it holds an entire earth in and of itself already. It is also connected to the icy planes on our planet, such as Antarctica, which you can see in the small patches of white. It activates the crystalline grid through its structure, whenever and wherever necessary. This crystal is pretty much nothing and everything that it looks like at first sight!

I started sharing only my own channelings of the crystals I discuss, as you can look up their general meanings online, which sometimes does and does not apply to the crystals I am discussing. I hope you enjoy this personalized intake on crystals and their meanings and that it inspires you to work with your crystals on a personal level and open yourself up their energies.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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