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Dimming Your Light: Now Is The Time to Shine

For lifetimes we have been dimming our light. Be it because we were ridiculed, ostracized, or persecuted when shining our light brightly and being who we truly felt we were. Humanity as a whole was not ready. The people in our lives and society were not ready to face our uniqueness, our different-ness, our light. The trauma of never being accepted for who we were was carried over from one lifetime into another. Being a powerful woman, talking about aliens, displaying psychic abilities, having a different opinion on things - these and many more reasons would have been the cause to be locked away in an asylum or to be burnt to a stake centuries ago. Even just showing signs of happiness and living a fulfilled life would have rubbed other people the wrong way at the wrong time. We have been shutting ourselves down severely. To fit in, to have “friends”, to be accepted, to finally live a “normal” life.

This is not the lifetime to dim your light. This is indeed the lifetime to finally shine brightly. We are on a mission. And we won’t be able to raise vibrations unless we get rid of all the karmic trauma and finally step into our true power. Shine your light brightly. The planet is currently still at a dark place. We are needed. You are needed. Now is the time, Starseeds! You are not doing anyone a favor by dimming your light. Your soul is yearning to show its true colors and evolve. The world is needing uniqueness among all the fakeness.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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