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Divine Timing: Flowing With the Universe

When things don't always go as planned, there is a reason for that. Some call it back luck. Others, like me, call it divine timing. In order to become fully aligned and to flow with the Universe, divine timing needs to happen. Sometimes things don't work out because you or other people involved are not ready for them to occur yet.

It took me quite some time to acknowledge this. Travel plans were delayed. My move to another country was put on hold. Until I finally saw the signs for what they were and just let go of all control and expectations on how things should be, could be or need to be. Divine timing does not only involve you. It involves everyone else around you and is serving you for the highest good. Stuck on a train for too long? Perhaps you are not meant to be at your destination yet. Flight delayed? Well, you were supposed to learn a certain lesson or meet a specific person instead.

Divine timing can be as simple as meeting the love of your life on the streets. Or it can be losing your job just at the right time. Either way - I would not underestimate the importance of divine timing and the timing of others in your earthly life. For everything to align at the same time, a lot of work is required in the non-physical and spiritual realm. Your guides, higher self and other people's angels are working around the clock to ensure the best possible outcome and the most growth.

Have you ever experienced the concept of Divine Timing?

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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