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Dreamscapes: What Do You Dream Of At Night?

What do you dream of at night? Dreams are a way of your higher self and guides to communicate with you. Dreams can also transport you to other realms and dimensions. Dreams are limitless and might not always make sense. But they always have a meaning, even if you cannot make sense of it right away. Dream interpretation can take time, not every symbol means the same for every person.

I started analyzing my dreams when I was 15 years old. I used to write them down the moment I woke up and then consult a dream interpretation book my mother had gifted to me. The more I wrote them down, the better I was able to recall them over time. Lots of boyfriends, lovers and friends have died in my dreams. Sometimes way before the relationship was actually over. I remember lucid dreaming from a very young age on. I must have noticed for the first time that I was able to influence the ending or fragments of my dream (mostly right before they turned into a nightmare) when I was 10 years old.

Dreamscapes: What do you dream of at night?

Somewhere down the line, I lost the “ability” or could not yet make sense of it, so I stopped doing it entirely. But in more recent years, as I’ve read up on it more and more, I recognized that I was dreaming lucidly (and freely) when I was a child without knowing of it. Connecting to your dreams reminds me of overcoming my fear of heights. I was never afraid of heights until I hit a certain age (possibly 14 years old?). Once I hit that age though, it took me a lot of willpower to overcome this fear of heights (and many more years down the line of spiritual awakening).

Dreaming as a child was much more free than it was during my later teenage and adult years. I dreamed and my dreams seemed quite normal to me. Once I hit adolescence, some dreams became shameful or inappropriate. How could I be dreaming of death, sex or violence? Did I really want people around me dead? It took me a few years to figure out that death does not equal death in “real” life but moreover it can signal that it is time to let go or that you have let go of someone already. From then on, I started listening to my dreams. And if I am still perfectly honest to myself, my dreams give me important pointers in life, especially involving my relationship to other people. I started being more wise with this advice and listening to it - even if this took decades of practice and letting go of any previous beliefs and hopes I had accumulated.

Everything takes practice. Connecting to your dreams and trusting your intuition, too. I don’t always write them down nowadays but I still have my dream diary close-by, in case I want to document an especially vivid dream. Lately, my dreams haven’t always been of the calming, dreamy sorts but more of the intense, wake-me-up type. Have your dreams changed over this past week/month/or summer? What do you do interpret them? Do you believe in the power of your dreams?

Best crystals for dreaming:

- Celestite and ruby for nightmares;

- Lapis lazuli, red jasper, jade and spirit quartz for dream recall;

- Kyanite, malachite and smoky quartz for dream interpretation;

- and howlite & chevron amethyst for a more peaceful sleep.

Celestite for nightmares

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