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Eid-al-Adha: A Story About Sacrifice And Faith

Aid-al-Adha: Another holiday came to an end last evening, this time it was a Muslim one. As said in online sources, Aid-al-Adha is about remembering the time when the father of all nations Abraham went onto a mountain top, prepared to sacrifice his son. According to the Quran, this son is Ishmael, however, according to the Bible, this son is Isaac. What's the difference? Both sons have different mothers (not relevant for the context of this specific writing).

In order to show his devotion to God, Abraham was willing to and about to sacrifice his own offspring. However, instead, God showed him a ram to sacrifice and the boy's life was saved. This holiday tells a story about devotion to faith and many other things. If the day feels heavy once again, this could be another good reason.

As I've also said in a previous post, we are currently still in the Lionsgate Portal energy, so being hit with an influx of higher frequencies could also be a part of the integration process and a lot of "stuff" coming up for us to work through. It is interesting that both a Jewish and Muslim holiday fall on almost the same date this year.

At one point down the line, I would like to talk more about the entanglement (a word that has been hijacked by Hellywood and celebs recently) of the Islam and its role amongst the world religions (image not mine).

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