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Healing The Teen Self

✨Healing the teen self.✨

Healing the child self and inner child might be something a lot of you are already well familiar with. Of equal importance or even greater importance is healing the teenage self and working through all the things, which came up during these crucial years of our life.

Seldom do we experience as much change as then. From full-on identity crisis, hairstyle and hair color change, body growth, first loves, first break-ups, first passions, first desires, friendships, changing of schools, redefining ourselves new every few months - this time of our life is one of the most crucial when it comes to our personality development, setting of boundaries, learning how to communicate with others and the opposite gender and more. A lot of our insecurities, body image distortions, public speaking abilities and how we approach the world is shaped and based on young adulthood.

It is true that we grow beyond that and are always in a continuous cycle of growth and learning. However, the teen self has gone through a lot - and perhaps some things we in hindsight were not too proud of or rather even ashamed of and which we are still in need of forgiving instead of forgetting and shoving beneath the rug. Major anxiety attacks and depression can be rooted in this period in our lives, too. There are quite a few things that can come up as still stuck during this time. I invite you to look deeper and include these years when doing inner child work.

(Me and some rare photos of my teen self taken on analog film.) 🌼

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