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How Does Disease Manifest? (Spiritual Perspective)

Diseases explained! How do illnesses manifest and what can we do to tap into this side of ourselves? One of the many topics that may be of interest on your journey to gain greater insight and knowledge on you as a well-rounded, holistic person is the one of health.

Our health is our wealth!

As simple as this may appear to be, it seems we need this reminder on a daily basis. Without our health we are unable to function in the way we deserve and receive the life we want. Rarely do we notice how important health is until we encounter a situation, in which our health has deteriorated, or all of a sudden we are dealing with health issues. This can be as simple as an "accident." Or a food poisoning. And in a worse case scenario it may manifest as a broken leg, cancer and other diseases or illnesses.

It may be important to point out that the word dis-ease is comprised of two parts:

The pre-fix "dis-" - meaning apart, negative,

and "ease" - overall meaning not feeling at ease or uneasy.

The 4 layers of dis-ease are as follows:

  • Astral

  • Emotional

  • Thought forms

  • Physical

Dis-ease needs to pass through several layers to finally be noticed in our body. It first manifests in the astral. Then it hits the emotional and thought layer. Finally, as a last resort, it will manifest as an illness, serious disease or accident in the physical layer. The total of 4 layers show there is more to the topic of our health than the mainstream media and news want us to believe. Of course we can become very ill from certain things, such as bad nutrition (junk food), smoking tobacco, taking cancerous substances and else. But aside from the nutritional and smoking aspect, our soul is directly in touch with our body. It does this by telling us when we are unwell. There is always going to be a spiritual reason behind every illness, since as a whole we are spiritual beings. It is the last resort of our soul to gain our attention when we are perhaps not on the path we are mean to be. Or when we are putting ourselves in situations that have outrun our soul purpose or are outright toxic to our psyche (think work, living arrangements and relationships).

When the disease first appears in the astral layer, this may be due to several reasons. Psychic attacks or bad thought forms by other people can surely play a role. I have seen many illnesses manifest through curses, spells and even voodoo. However, oftentimes our soul is also communicating to us through this mean and it is a form of "soul communication" to show up in our body at certain points and intervals in our lives. For example, not being comfortable in a certain situation or one's own body can lead to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the most severe cases. In other cases, it will first manifest as "random" house accidents or similar things. If you are interested in taking my full psychic protection course, find more information here.

Past lives also play a huge role. So do unfulfilled desires in this lifetime. I once knew a woman in her 60ies, who had a huge cyst in her womb. After removal, it had hair and even something resembling teeth inside of it. I got that this had to do with her desire a few decades ago to give birth to a third child, preferably a girl. She already had two sons but her husband was against another kid. Somehow this "third child" manifested as a cyst ages later in her body and had to be removed. There is always a reason for what's going on with us, we just need to stop and listen.

Skin rashes, acne, and eczema usually come from past lives. Eczema and extremely dry skin usually has to do with the person having been burnt to the stake or perishing in a fire in a previous life. Acne is shame experienced in a previous life, perhaps for being too beautiful. It may now appear in this lifetime to make the person "more ugly" in a subconscious way.

The many reasons in the astral for disease to come about will then make their way to the emotional and thought form layer. This is also why it is so important to feel your own feelings, disappointments, anger and grief, and give it the space it deserves. Especially after traumatizing, saddening or similar events. PTSD for example needs to be addressed as soon as possible before it manifests as a serious condition in the other layers. When emotions come up, which you may consider "negative" or unpleasant, try to work out where they are coming from to get to the root of things.

In a similar form, thoughts in our mind can also come up to help out before the dis-ease manifests in the physical. Anger and angry thoughts are a good example for this. Of course there are many more. Most often, if not always, it is always going to be the thoughts and emotions considered "negative," which are the gateway to our body disorder. People, who are highly negative, pessimistic and overall just in a bad mood may manifest their own cancer, hip issues or other problems in their lives. I've seen it happen.

On the opposite spectrum, we are able to fully heal ourselves with our positivity and positive thought forms. We can overcome pretty much anything but oftentimes we are not told of this. The matrix controllers do anything they can to keep us down, don't they? A few months ago I got insight that we are able to even heal conditions such as Lyme disease with the power of our mind. Oftentimes it will be a combination of our powerful, positive thoughts, envisioning exercises, herbs and the right nutrition to heal ourselves. More on these topics perhaps to come in a future blog post. What do you think?

Find the full video discussing all layers of our body and how illness manifests here below:

Are you curious on how to jump start your own health? How to detox parasites, heavy metals and more from your body? Stay tuned for the blog posts to come, sharing some insights and tips on this topic.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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