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Monthly Tarotscopes: All Signs!

This month's tarotscopes are now released. I once again drew some cards from the Tarot to bring you predictions for the time ahead. These are according to your zodiac sign.

Overall energy: The zodiacs are ready to leave the past behind and move forward into something new (eight of cups).

Aries: The Fool: New opportunities are presenting themselves to you right now. In order to make the most of those, be open-minded and curious and ready to explore and discover new things. Play, have fun, and bring some spontaneity back into your life. A perfect time for growth and expansion. Happy birthday season, Aries!

Taurus: Queen of Cups: Perfect time to nurture yourself and show some self-love and self-appreciation towards yourself now. You might have put yourself and your needs on a backburner lately but those days are coming to an end. Take initiative and a day off, if needed. Go to the spa, create a home-spa or just take time off to be with yourself and away from the busy life you have created for yourself.

Gemini: Ten of Cups: Relationships are in the foreground in the time ahead! You are able to create a life of connections and bliss by simply following your heart and trusting your intuition. In turn, it has tuned you into all the valuable people and connections you now find present in your life. Enjoy this time and nurture connections to people, animals, pets around you in this time ahead.

Cancer: Eight of Pentacles & Page of Pentacles: New material opportunities may have arisen or are about to due to the hard work you have put into your life and yourself in the past. Things might have felt more like a grind lately, but you are about to experience a new world of abundance opening up to you. Don't forget to take some much-needed time off for resting and play. Also a great time to uplevel your skills and expertise.

Leo: Five of Cups & The Emperor: You lead a life of responsibility and sometimes you or others are coming too short during it. Someone might be asking for forgiveness or something may have not turned out the way you expected it. Learn from the past and move on in order to manifest something else or experience abundance. You have the discipline to see your plans through.

Virgo: Five of Swords: A month of conflict might be ahead or just in general you might feel conflicted in your head when thinking about several different opportunities or just things in general. This conflict might have also expanded onto others. Look for common ground or move forward. It might have been a win-lose situation but that doesn't mean you didn't learn anything from it.

Libra: Seven of Wands: You might feel backed up in a corner these days or in the time ahead. Some might find you are in an enviable position, however you have also worked hard to get where you are. Others might want what you have and are prepared to fight you for it. Protect yourself and your territory and stand up for what you believe in.

Scorpio: Ace of Cups & Seven of Pentacles: You find emotional fulfillment in your life's work and something you've been working on very hard for a longer time. Keep in mind that seeds need to be planted in order for a tree to grow. You will be able to sow what you have reaped but it might take a longer time to get there in an organic way. Slow and steady wins the race. There may be new opportunities available to you, as well.

Sagittarius: High Priestess: Celebrate your inner power by going within. Your intuition has been right about things and right now it's a great time to tune further into it and remember your power and inner god/dess energy. Access your inner guidance system and intuition when it comes to collaborations with others, as well.

Capricorn: Temperance: Finding balance is the key. Balancing out your emotions and passions will lead you towards a path you might have not considered before. You are able to find alignment and a sense of peace in your surroundings, as well. Creating harmony and balance in your life might be a challenge in the beginning but you are able to master it beautifully.

Aquarius: Knight of Swords: Right now you might find yourself in a lonely battle. While you are driven, ambitions and willing to take action, others might not be there yet or not have the same view points. This leaves you feeling alone and isolated but it also gives you the gift of sovereignty and fending things off alone. This in turn can bring about more independence and strength in your life.

Pisces:Four of Cups & Three of Pentacles: Right now you do not feel like taking on any offers of friendship or relationship made by anyone. Instead, look at these offers more in terms of opportunities to collaborate and switch up your mindset and outlook. Focus on what is important to you and go after your passions and desire in order to make the most of the month ahead and fuel your passions.


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