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I Am A Reflection of You (Mirrored Universes)

I am a reflection of you. Whatever you see in me is what you see in yourself. You think I am beautiful, smart and kind? Well, guess what you are. You think I am crazy, wacko and need to be put in a straitjacket? Perhaps you should check yourself into a mental institution soon.

We might have come here to experience separateness and to be our own younique beings with our own younique paths. But ultimately we are also here to unite again. To become one and to experience ourselves and this oneness in everyone else. You are a mere reflection of me. I wonder what it is that I can learn from you today.

The world outside of me is a pure reflection of the world inside of me. All of you are reflections of me. Beautiful fragments of my soul which chose to splinter off and show me what I need to know about myself at this point in time. If you are a reflection I am not meant to experience, you would simply not be in my life at this time. What you learn from me is what I learn from you. And essentially it is what you already know about yourself deep down but which needed to be brought back up to be reflected right back onto you. Going through dark nights of the soul might not feel great, but they are extremely necessary to learn and grow on this ever-evolving journey called life.

I am curious to see what reflection of myself I will experience today. I do this by acknowledging everyone and everything around me as something I at one point have created. Either by tapping into its vibration, thinking about it or even being afraid of it. Start looking at the world around you in terms of what it can teach you instead of taking it for granted, rigid and unchangeable. This is the key to creating your own reality. The hidden ingredient to becoming an alchemist of life.

Becoming whole again - it's a process.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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