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Integrating Huge Experiences...

One of the most life-changing journeys of my life has come to an end. I am still integrating all the experiences and it will most likely take months of conscious work, if not longer. As I share my impressions of each area visited these next few weeks and why exactly they felt so intense to me, a concept comes to mind. The concept of how important it is for us to integrate our experiences.

This is in reference to not only travel or journeys but overall life in general. Of course we tend to have the most impressions when we are out of our comfort zone and explore new things. This is also why, when go on a vacation or travels, our life all of a sudden seems so very exciting and out of the ordinary. Some like to call this the "travel high" - and it can be hard to not chase it one trip after another. However, impressions can be collected through many other things, too. Such as during events (concerts, family etc.) or overall just life-changing happenings (having a child, starting a family, entering a new relationship, getting a pet etc.).

One thing I noticed is that society and the world overall does not grant us many ways anymore to let these impressions sit with us. I firmly believe that 50 or 100 years ago we were living in a more natural cycle, at least the majority of us. Before the computer age or the cell phone age, which at this point is almost reaching 2 decades of people becoming addicted to their cell phone devices. But before all the tech, we were able to just sit with our experiences and impressions and work through them in a way more organic way.

However, nowadays we are expected to post in "real time" and as many reels, videos, photos that we can. Then we are expected to come back, work the next day or barely take time for ourselves and enter our old life the way we exited it a few weeks before. This is simply not possible. We live in a world where constant change is thrown at us but we are not offered too many resources or help on how to deal with this change or how to overcome it in a spiritual way and grow from it. Growth comes in many forms.

We simply cannot expect to be the same person in the same life we were living once we experienced profound things. It is therefore important to sit with our experiences and grant us the avenues of coping with them. Some people thrive in writing down their thoughts and impressions in a travel journal. One time I was on the road with this girl, who would make it a point to write down a one-pager after every day. This was back in the day when we were young adults and I always thought how fabulous of an idea that was for her. Others cope with it by showcasing their experiences in a different way, such as blogging or video creations. Yet others like to keep them to themselves and express them artistically, through means of painting, poetry and other outlets. It almost doesn't matter if this happens instantaneously or months and years down the line. A profound experience will have an effect on us somehow and our soul, too. It is to be remembered for years down the line.

Whatever the way is for you, I hope you find a healthy way of expression. One that society perhaps never taught us but one we see the significance in doing.


~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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