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Interview With Pixie Rose: New Age Trap, 5D Ascension Trap and Starseed Origins Trap

A powerful Interview with Pixie Rose from the Spiritual AF Podcast covering the following topics: Entity possession when channeling, the 5D ascension trap, the new age trap, Twin Flames and their purpose, soul contracts, the Starseed origins trap, interdimensional beings, aliens being infiltrated; psychic attacks in the astral plane, grounding when doing healing and psychic work, who are the watchers; masking up in the astral; entities deceiving in the astral; traveling to the south pole; cleaning up octopuses from your heart center; meditation retreats, mental illness, being split up into two different timelines (5D Trap).

Pixie Rose is an Incarnated Fairy with psychic and medium abilities. Pixie is an empath with strong connection to past lives. Pixie offers online or face to face readings. Pixie receives messages through her fairy guides through meditation, as well as using oracle and fairy tarot cards. Pixie also receives messages from spirit. In your reading, Pixie can connect and speak with your soul and help guide you to what steps you can take to improve your life. You can find Pixie Rose in the links listed below:

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