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July 2019 Energy: Transformation & More

July 2019 - a period to hibernate and go deep within, especially in the beginning of the month. Introspection and alone-time give us the opportunity to find clarity on situations, circumstances, and also people in our lives. Karmic contracts and connections are coming up for us to work through them and determine whether or not we really want to still be in this particular situation or if we want to advance to our next lesson instead.

July is also a great time to find happiness and to do things that once made us happy or to reignite our creative forces. Overall - the beginning of July won't resemble the end of July and that is perfectly fine as is. After all the eclipses and retrograde, we are here to grow and this month really gives us the opportunity to do so on a soul level. The full July energy report is now on the YouTube!

Thank you for everyone participating in the live chat / premiere.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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