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Karma As A New Age Trap And Means Of Enslavement!

Karma as a new age trap and means of enslavement! What is "karma"? In yesterday's Youtube Live, I dissect some new age bollocks and why concepts such as karma, high vibrational guides (come on, kids!), the hybrid children and more, are keeping us enslaved and entrapped in the matrix(es).

Karma as such does not exist. It is a concept of enslavement and a heavy program to keep you in the matrix / matrices. "You sow what you reap, your action determines the course of your life, etc." You are certainly able to empower yourself from karma and the entity attachments, which go with it. These attachments love to feast off this concept, as it ensures you stay entrapped in the fear and victim mentality. Remember - attachments need something to feed off, and these are usually "lower-vibrational" feelings and emotions, such as fear, anxiety, anger etc. Just like you were lured onto this planet and into this lifetime, karma was put onto you to make you feel "guilty" or make you feel "good" about past lifetime deeds and to ensure that you will come back over and over again. To either work through "karma" with other people, in certain situations, in specific countries or location or else. Or to give back to others, as you've had such "great" karma previously - why wouldn't yo want to do that, eh?

Are you perhaps carrying the vibration of such karma from one lifetime to another? From an objective standpoint - why would you need to? If you are already that divine spark, that whole being, there wouldn't be much need to. The only need there would be is to ensure that you feel guilty enough to reincarnate over and over again here and also elsewhere. Any entity or being who wants to put you in that karma trap or karmic trench is not of the highest of intention. The concept rather ensures you are too distracted to focus on the main part, which is awakening your soul to empower yourself from all these concepts, that were at one point implanted in you (such as many other new age myths and "tools").

Karma - the biggest new age trap in history since Ancient Lemuria and beyond! Find some more misleading concepts dissected here:

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