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Living In The Twilight Zone: Two Worlds

I attended two very different events this week (it was a social week indeed). Two groups with completely different mindsets - one fighting for our freedoms, transparency when it comes to the effects and ingredients of the upcoming agenda of jabs, wanting to breathe normally and have a normal life again. Basically how things were 9+ months ago.

The second event: People who would not take their masks off when in an empty art installation but when being indoors and eating (same exact amount of people and enclosed spaces in both). People who would complain about the current politics and hope that it would get better next year. Wishing that everyone would be mandatorily jabbed, but still wearing their masks and seeing that the economy would still be ruined for another 10 plus years... Since that was the Republicans fault somehow (even though this is a world wide event and economies of every country have been tried to be wrecked by their respective governments).

I don’t think I need to tell you which event exactly left me more hopeful for the future. We have the power! Let’s not beg for more enslavement. Let’s use common sense, question everything and liberate ourselves. The plan of the darker forces can be overturned. That’s what all these protests in the UK and Germany are fighting for. No time to be complacent. Find your tribe. Make music. Don’t feed into the agenda. And learn how to breathe again.

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