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New Moon Eclipse & July 2nd energies:

We are currently in one of the biggest times of great change. Not only for this week or month, but during this summer in general many of you will be experiencing change and the resulting turmoil. For some of you this has meant and will mean dealing with pain, hurt, and even grief (past-life grief and missed opportunities are all resurfacing now to be worked through). Let the change wash away your sorrows. For others, this period will entail a time of much needed rest and also re-calibration of priorities, boundaries and more.

New Moon Eclipse

You are all becoming lighter through this change. After each shadow period, we are able to see our radiant light again. This time too shall pass (if it hasn't yet for you). Times of change mean times of purging, letting go and getting rid of karmic ties and contracts, which are simply not serving us anymore. We have perhaps never seen this situation as clearly as now. With the new moon eclipse, we are stepping into a whole new energy of alignment.

Enjoy it. Ride the waves. Let it renew you, redefine you and reinvent you to a degree you would have never thought possible.

Do you want a full July energy update? Working on new video suggestions this week. Let me know in the comments below.

Happy New Moon eclipse week, everyone!

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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