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New Moon Energy Update for June 3: All About Self-Love

New moon update: This one is potent! The new moon on June 3 is all about self-love. We are being animated to take a step back and find our inner space, our intuition and our own truth again. The new moon is powerful and also has some gentle energies of self-care and love to it.

In general, the energies around us are still going to be intense, which is why it is important to strengthen your inner self and take time just for you. Be it an hour a day doing what you love, coming up with a new ritual for the week or month, or simply resting with a good read all alone. Take some time for yourselves during this new moon and gain some clarity on where you want your life to head. Only you know what is best for you. You hold the key to your own kingdom of wisdom within you.

Best crystal for self-love? Rose quartz! Gentle energies, pink vibes. Not only for the ladies.

Love & Light to you,

Pleiadian Healer

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